May 31, 2013

I am now convinced that God made babies more snugly when they have fevers so that parents will find a small bit of joy during a less than joyful time. Our Ellery Wynn has officially had her first fever or perhaps still has. Last night she woke up every 45 minutes and would scream out, but then go right back to sleep, at 3 AM I decided to give her some Tylenol assuming she was in pain because those pesky teeth are still trying to break through. I go downstairs, get the medicine, go over to her crib and as soon as she can sense me she goes hysterical and this mama’s heart began to feel a little guilty that I hadn’t gone in sooner. I picked her up and she felt like she was on fire. Turns out her temperature was just slightly over 100, but she was radiating heat and I felt terrible for her. I brought her in our room and woke up Andrew, then while we waited for the medicine to kick in she played in our bed. Thank goodness she played because then I felt way better, she was laughing and chatting and then I knew she wasn’t doing too bad. I looked at Andrew and asked the question I already knew the answer to, “can’t she just sleep with us for the rest of the night?” Of course the answer was, “no.” But hey, I tried. She went back to sleep in her crib and then I lay wide awake wondering if she was ok, I fell asleep finally around 4:45 and she of course woke up screaming at 5:00. We were up for the day at 6:30 and spent the day snuggling, watching Netflix leap frog, reading books in bed, and napping as much as possible. Poor little nugget had a fever most of the day and seemed to kick it a little bit before bedtime. As much as everyone says to enjoy the phase where they don’t talk I think it’ll be better when she can tell me what’s wrong. According to the Internet doctors say that babies don’t get fevers when they are teething? Really? Every kid I know has had fevers associated with teething.


Short On Words

May 29, 2013

So I haven’t been posting nearly as much lately. I am realizing this is because I’m busy for the first time in over two years. The blog used to be my outlet, the place where I felt like I was visiting with people and being myself. I used to write blog posts in my head all the time and found time to put my thoughts on here. Lately I have to remind myself that I have a blog and I should probably write something. This is not one of those ” and so I’m not going to blog anymore” posts. More like a “hey I’m still here and I’m going to hopefully post a little more consistently” kind of posts. So stay with me friends, I’m not going anywhere. And since you’re here you might as well check out these sweet pictures of Ellery playing with her little play set I took yesterday.


10 MonthLetter

May 22, 2013

To My Congenial Ellery Wynn,

I laugh as I write the to line tonight because you screamed at me from about 6:30 until bedtime, but for the most part you are miss congeniality. We really put this to the test when we moved cross country, left you with people you didn’t know, slept you in different beds, changed up your schedule and really changed your life this month. You have gotten through most of it with a smile on your face. You have a fantastic disposition. You are hysterical and this month has been especially fun because you love to mimic us. Your daddy can get you to do some pretty silly things. I wish I could describe the noises you make, you do some weird thing with your tongue that is quite funny too. You are starting to clap and I can already tell you have a sense of rhythm, when we play music you punch the sky or wave your hand to the beat. I am one lucky mama because we have gotten moved in and nearly settled and you are still not exactly crawling. You get to where you want to go, just haven’t figured out that your knees will take you there faster. You have become very attached to me this month, understandably so, with so much transition I am your constant. Dad isn’t even the fix for sadness this month as he usually is. I’ve held you a lot this month and count myself lucky that you are still so tiny. While I might be the favorite these days you still don’t call me mama and it appears you are saying dada to your daddy. I also believe you are using the word hi correctly, and while you probably don’t know what ya means you say it a lot and often in response to a question which is just too cute for words. You are gentle and sweet and your laugh is most definitely the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.

Love you forever,


9 Month Letter

April 21, 2013

To My Chatterbox Ellery Wynn,

You take after me in that you started talking and haven’t stopped. Whenever I’m on the phone you make it your mission to talk louder than me. You definitely want to be heard, I hope this is a quality you continue to possess. You know what you want and let us know, we take away a toy, you scream, we finish our meal, you scream, I leave the room, you scream. You get the idea, this month has been a month of tears and tantrums. I often look at your dad and say,”what are we going to do?” On the flip side you are as sweet as can be, I often say you look like an animated doll. You discovered your hands can wave, so you wave at yourself everyday, we are working on channeling that talent into waving at people. Your favorite thing to do is look at pictures on our phones or camera, you smile ear to ear every time. You love pat-a-cake, and especially love the roll it part, you are working on doing it yourself and it is super sweet. We appreciate how well you play independently, especially as we pack the house. Crawling is close, you are starting to reach and rock, trying to get up on your knees. As much as I will not enjoy your mobility, I have a feeling you will absolutely love it. Dad and I were taking a walk the other day and he said it was the first time in his life that he wasn’t wishing it away and looking toward the next phase, that he likes you just the way you are and has enjoyed each age, I couldn’t agree more.

Love you forever,

P.S. It is nearly impossible to get a decent picture when a huge sticker on your belly is involved!

Smile for Nana

April 8, 2013

Today I took Ellery for a walk and she looked so much like Andrew I just had to take a picture for Andrew’s mom. I said smile for Nana and this is what I got, these were the first, second, and third shots. These might be my favorite pictures to date! Sorry for the Ellery posts lately, she’s the bright spot in my day these days and you probably don’t want to hear about my stress, packing or missing my husband who is out of town again after only 24 hours at home this weekend. So instead of all the bad, here is my smiley girl!


Super E

April 7, 2013

This weekend was our nephew Hudson’s 4th birthday party. He chose a super hero theme so I decided to whip up a little cape for my sweet girl so she would fit in with all the other kiddos. The party was adorable and they set up a little super hero photo op that Ellery was more than happy to participate in unlike all the other kids who refused to play along. I think it turned out pretty cute and I look forward to seeing the photos taken with an actual camera.


Easter Weekend

April 1, 2013

Easter weekend was much more laid back than expected. We go to church on Saturdays right now because Sunday mornings are hard with Ellery’s nap schedule. Saturday we had church at 4:00, then friends over for dinner and a sleepover with oatmeal cookie pancakes for breakfast Sunday morning. Followed by Ellery’s best bed head nap to date. Then we did a late lunch at my brothers with 30+ people and ended the day laying on the couch trying to get over these crazy allergies that have hit us both. This was the first holiday with Ellery that was fun for her. She got into her Easter basket way more than I expected and I must admit I enjoyed dressing her up this weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend with family and friends celebrating the greatest day in history!





And as a reward for looking through all these pictures of my kid, I will tell you we also found out that Ellery will be getting a new bestie in September when my bestie Steph has a baby GIRL!!!

8 Month Letter

March 21, 2013

To My Sweet Sweet Ellery Wynn,

You have a really sweet disposition. You are so enjoyable to be around and you smile at everyone. I love taking you everywhere with me because strangers come and talk to you all the time and tell me that you just made their day with your sweetness. Right when I was getting really weary with nursing you switched yourself to a 4 hour schedule and it gave me a boost to go until you turn one, I’m loving the new schedule. You have had to be so flexible this month with selling our home, getting our inspection done, repairs, and traveling to buy a new house. You have handled it better than I could have ever asked or expected. God knew what he was doing when he gave us an easy going kid for this crazy time in our life. You experienced snow for the first time this month and seemed to enjoy it, that’s good because you are about to live in a place that gets a lot of it. You have the most amazing fine motor skills I’ve ever seen in a baby this young. You mastered the pincer grasp and still enjoy feeding yourself with a spoon and now a fork. Your gross motor is much slower than most and I actually appreciate this a lot! This month you finally started rolling around everywhere and there are no signs of crawling in your near future. I’m kind of hoping you wait until we are moved in to our new house before you become super mobile. This has given you the ability to roll all around your crib and we find you in the funniest positions in the mornings. You love when we sing songs using your name and belly laugh with delight every time. You learned how to do raspberries and you do this when you are frustrated. This cracks us up and we like it a whole lot more than you screaming! This month has been so stressful for your dad and me, but you have helped us remember what is important and have calmed us down and brought us tons of joy. You are a blast my sweet girl!

Love you forever,


7 Month Letter

February 19, 2013

My child Ellery Wynn,

I’m not sure when it happened, but you are no longer a baby. I really wasn’t prepared for this, I mean one day you needed me for nourishment, comfort, thirst quenching, entertainment and the next day you are holding a cup, drinking on your own, eating veggies, reaching for what you want to play with and entertaining yourself. You even feed yourself with a spoon which i seriously thought wouldn’t happen for another 6 months. Then you sprouted teeth and this mama’s heart could hardly handle that change. I thought I would really dislike this phase. I thought until you could walk you would be a blob, I was so incredibly wrong. I am loving every minute of this, ok almost every minute, the teething screaming wasn’t fun for any of us! I catch people saying all the time, “I can’t wait until she/he does _______.” They don’t mean anything bad by this, but I’ve decided I will try not to feel this way, I will try to live each day enjoying the present. I won’t lie, I will not miss you soaking through my shirts and slobbering all over my hands, but I know this is just a phase and it’ll be over before I know it, or in a couple years when you have all your teeth. You started taking real baths this month, you lay in the water and kick your legs non stop for like ten minutes, I think you will enjoy swim lessons this summer. One of my favorite new developments this month is you take two naps now instead of three, it gives us a lot more freedom to leave the house and run errands. You sit up like a pro, love to ride in the cart at stores, and eating out is fun with you sitting in the high chair and eating your puffs. Your first word was Mama and I happened to actually catch it on video, you said Dada for dad when he got home from work that same day. I caved and let you watch your first DVD this month, oh my word it was the sweetest thing, you laughed and talked through the whole thing! You are starting to gain greater independence this month, but at the same time want me more than ever. I’m trying to strike a good balance of letting you explore on your own and constantly being in your line of vision. I’m so glad I get to be your mom!

Love you forever,


Enjoying It While We Can

February 7, 2013

It is a gorgeous day in Austin today. February is my favorite month here. This morning I took Ellery to the park and let this girl swing. She was loving every minute of it!!