June 18, 2013

Here are some thoughts I’ve had recently.

Why do we have to sleep? God could have made us any way he wanted and he chose that we needed to sleep in order to function. I think I have some ideas on why. Sometimes you need to reset. You know when you have a terrible day and you say to yourself, hopefully tomorrow will be better and you watch the clock until it’s a reasonable time to go to bed? Yeah sleep is to cure that. I think he created us to sleep so that our babies would be created to sleep so that we get a break. I LOVE my kid and I love being a stay at home mom, but I love that she naps and that she sleeps at night. I need the break in order to enjoy her. And if those reasons weren’t enough, crawling in bed at the end of the day is one of the best feelings ever!

Why am I afraid of mice? For that matter why are we afraid of things like spiders, mice, bugs in general, teeny tiny things that cannot hurt us. And why am I not afraid of them if I see them outside, but if they are inside I freak out? I think there is a mouse in the utility area off my basement and now I’m terrified to go down there. It’s a mouse, likely no bigger than a kiwi and it causes me to run back up the stairs and I don’t even know if it exists.

Why does good for you food taste bad, and bad for you food taste good? I mean really, why?

Why did Smash have to be cancelled? I know why, because people didn’t watch it, so I guess the better question is why didn’t people watch it? It was fantastic and it only got more fantastic as it went on, I felt really sad after I watched the last episode. Ok I’ll admit Katharine McPhee needed some acting work, but her voice is beautiful which kinda made up for it.

I have tons more questions, but I would guess you’d rather not hear them, and you’re probably wondering why I even wrote this post 😉


Our Home Office

June 11, 2013

For those of you that don’t know, my husband’s daily commute is 10 steps from our bedroom. Originally it was supposed to be in the basement, but due to some technical difficulties he is working from our eventual guest room indefinitely. We hope to someday build him an awesome space just his own downstairs, but not in the foreseeable future. I wasn’t sure how it would be having him work from home, but so far I LOVE IT!! I see him maybe a total of 15 minutes a day during work hours, but I love that he pops in to say hi to Ellery when he takes a bathroom break or comes down to grab lunch or a snack. Every once and a while he takes a lunch and we’ll take a walk around our neighborhood which is just an added bonus. I love that there is another adult in the house with me all the time and I can hear him talking part of the day which makes me feel a lot less lonely. And the number one reason I like him working from home….

Accountability!! I thought I did a lot during the day when we lived in Austin and he worked downtown, now that he works from home I realize I didn’t really do that much. I found out that I watched a lot of Netflix and took naps and kinda cleaned sometimes. Now that he is home I feel the pressure to work all day long. He doesn’t put any pressure on me, he says he completely doesn’t care what I do, but knowing that he’s in the house working makes me want to work all day too. There are a lot of days now that I don’t really sit down and relax until Elle goes to bed. Lucky for me, Stephanie and I have started Monday morning chore chats. We each make a list and when Ellery goes down for her morning nap I call and we chat while we work on our lists. This is the perfect start to my week because I feel so good from being productive that I keep up this list thing all week. This is not to say I never slack off, today I took an hour nap because I was exhausted and have been crashing at night, but I’m just more conscious of what I’m doing all day.

The other thing I love is Andrew is tired of being cooped up all day so he wants to get out in the evenings. We try to eat dinner really early and get out for a bit afterwards. Tonight we went down to the river and walked the path, then drove around downtown and past my dad’s childhood home. Before when he got home we stayed home which means there were MANY days I didn’t leave the house. I’m definitely enjoying this new lifestyle.

Short On Words

May 29, 2013

So I haven’t been posting nearly as much lately. I am realizing this is because I’m busy for the first time in over two years. The blog used to be my outlet, the place where I felt like I was visiting with people and being myself. I used to write blog posts in my head all the time and found time to put my thoughts on here. Lately I have to remind myself that I have a blog and I should probably write something. This is not one of those ” and so I’m not going to blog anymore” posts. More like a “hey I’m still here and I’m going to hopefully post a little more consistently” kind of posts. So stay with me friends, I’m not going anywhere. And since you’re here you might as well check out these sweet pictures of Ellery playing with her little play set I took yesterday.


Good Choice

May 17, 2013

I am directionally challenged. When I say this I don’t just mean I can’t find a new place. I am severely directionally challenged, as in I wouldn’t be able to get home if I was coming from a new place or I couldn’t get to a friend’s house from my parent’s if I was used to driving from my apartment a few miles away. My parents got us a GPS for our wedding and it surely has saved us from having some fights over the years. It hurts the situation that Andrew has the keenest sense of direction of anyone I know. I mean seriously, drop this man in the middle of nowhere in the morning and he would be home by dinner. I would surely die trying. In Austin the GPS was my best friend and the only way I ever found anything. I didn’t really learn street names, I relied on it to get to the airport which I drove many times, but never trusted myself to get there, and I never learned the city at all. When we moved here I made a decision. No more GPS to get around town. This has turned out to be a great choice so far. I used it the first weekend we were here and once to get to Bloomington, but besides that it has stayed tucked away in the car. I do allow myself to look up directions before leaving the house, but try to rely on asking people how to get somewhere and looking up an address and trying to figure out how to get there on my own. This has forced me to learn where we live in relation to the major streets. I would highly recommend this practice if you are moving to a new city. I already feel like I have a better grasp on this city in two weeks than I did in over two years in Austin. Also probably contributes to feeling at home, I already feel so at home.


March 28, 2013

I’ve been told I’m intimidating. This kind of cracks me up because it truly is the last thing I would want to be. I want to be super welcoming and make people feel comfortable. The funny thing about this is I am super intimidated when it comes to certain things. Dinner for example. It intimidates me, not really cooking for just me and Andrew, but cooking for other people. I would have people over for dinner every night of the week if I either didn’t have to cook or if I was a good cook. And then there are are all these dietary restrictions, vegetarian, vegan, celiac, the list goes on and on. I have to get over this, absolutely must, and I plan to. Susie Davis is inspiring me with her 52 Sunday Suppers. She makes a “simple” meal and has great conversation with different people every week. I put simple in quotes because some of her meals are more complicated than I would put in the simple category. Andrew and I love having people over so we want to do this more often.

Today when I got home from the grocery store our neighbor across the street was outside working in his yard. He is probably in his late 80s, he told me about how he was a fighter pilot in World War II the first time we met so I’m guessing that’s about his age. I’ve always assumed his wife just didn’t get out much, he is pretty active, still drives and honestly probably leaves the house more than I do. He called me over today and asked if he could see our baby. I stood and chatted with him for awhile and came to the conclusion that he lives alone. And my heart just felt sad, I know his kids live here, at least his daughter, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them at his house. If I wasn’t so intimidated to cook for people I would march right over there and invite him for dinner tonight. I highly doubt he would want textured vegetable protein tacos which is what’s on the menu for tonight, but he would probably enjoy the company. I guess I assume he is from a time where dinners were formal, you cooked all day and had a fresh pie for dessert afterwards. Is this a crazy weird assumption that I’ve created that intimidates me to invite people over or is it true?

So I am asking for suggestions. Are any of you really good at having people over on a whim for casual dinners? If so do you have a go to meal? Does anyone have a fabulous story where they invited someone over last minute and it ended up awesome?

I’m Trying

March 10, 2013


There are very few things in my control right now, well actually what I’ve learned is there is nothing in my control, just a false sense of control. My job is to not worry, I thought this was a really wise graphic. I found it on Pinterest and cannot find an original source. I have tons to write this week and it looks like I might have time!

I am Such a Bachelor

February 27, 2013

When Andrew goes out of town I turn into a complete bachelor. I absolutely clean the house for Andrew, if I lived alone I would have a very dirty house! He was gone only last night and somehow our house basically exploded and I had no motivation to clean it up. I promise that by the time Andrew walks in the door tonight it will look like this never happened. I just had to chuckle as I walked around the house tonight so I took some pictures so you could see what my unstaged life looks like. I stepped over that sippy couple no less than 5 times before picking it up. In my defense I did have small group and when I came home I re-caulked our bathroom for the inspection. But truth be told I really hate to clean!


I Have a Hobby!!

January 24, 2013

When you meet new people and they ask you what your hobbies are I always stand there with a dumb look on my face and then I stumble through a list of things I do. Um I blog? Is pinning on Pinterest a hobby? I play the piano, but that’s more my passion, not a casual hobby. So for Christmas I asked for a sewing machine. This feels like a full on hobby and I’m already having so much fun with it. Stephanie and I decided this year we’ll be doing a sewing project every month. Since we can’t be together at least we can do something together. That’s for another post and another series I’ll be calling Sewing with Steph. I’m waiting until she finishes hers and then I’ll post pictures. Andrew was in Albuquerque last night so I stayed up late and picked a project form my sewing board on Pinterest. I rummaged through my very small fabric stash and found everything I needed, except Velcro. I used the leftover fabric from Ellery’s nursery and got to work. I had no intention of finishing it last night, but I got on a roll. I grabbed the Velcro this mornings and finished during Elle’s mid morning nap.

I was inspired to make the Anywhere Chair.. The instructions were a little confusing for this beginner, but the pictures were very helpful. If you decide to do this project use common sense and don’t get too wrapped up in the instructions. Hers looks more professional, but I’m super satisfied how mine turned out. And I’m absolutely smitten with my model.


A Year of Minimization

December 31, 2012

It’s that time again to make resolutions. I usually make them and while I may not do a fantastic job keeping them everyday they do help me improve myself. For example one year my resolution was to be on time. I still am not on time to everything, but I’m a whole lot better than I used to be and it is at least now important to me to be on time. This year I’m looking at the resolution thing a little differently, it’s more of a theme this year as opposed to an actual tangible thing. I am embarking on a year of minimization.

Minimizing our stuff: I have already started doing this, I started with our office, purging and shredding files. I’ve been doing our closets, pantry, bathrooms, and laundry room too. In 2013 I’m taking it to the next level, we are using up everything in our house before buying more. I have tons of cosmetics, lotions, etc that are not my “favorite” and I’ve decided waste not want not I’m using them all up. Also on the agenda is using up dressings, sauces and pantry items. Once we’ve used it up we’ll just buy things we know we really love.

Minimizing our spending and debt: I’m not entirely sure how we can spend less, but I’m guessing when I really look at our spending we can cut something out. This is the year to really get a budget and get our higher interest student loans paid off. Most of them have lower interest than our house, but the ones that are higher have got to go!! Perhaps this year I’ll start using more coupons as well.

Minimizing our waist lines: This, I’m sure, is a lot of people’s resolutions, but we need to get it together. Not only do I want us to lose some weight this year, I’d also like us to minimize our fake intake. Processed foods have got to go, farewell high fructose corn syrup, boxed mixes and convenience food. I plan to start making things like they did in the old days, homemade humus, sweets from scratch (in moderation), and making alternatives to those bars we eat for breakfast and snacks.

These plans all work together when you think about it, while we minimize our stuff we save money, while we minimize our spending, we minimize our weight by not buying the expensive convenience foods. Here’s to a 2013 with less than we had in 2012!

Just a reminder, tomorrow begins our #2013gifts on Instagram join me lolalula37.

Have a safe and happy evening ringing in the new year!

I Needed That

December 12, 2012

I’ve written about this before, but it’s been a long time so this first part may be a repeat for some of you. I’m a rule follower. If there isn’t a rule for something I create one. I like boundaries, I function very well within them. I have always enjoyed this about myself, but the older I get the more I am seeing this just might be a flaw. I live my life in black and white, my husband’s entire life is gray. You can imagine the kinds of “heated discussions” we’ve had over the last 5 years. Enter baby Ellery, talk about a game changer. I still think kids need boundaries, and you will never convince me otherwise so don’t even try. However, I am finding that sometimes my “rules” are completely lost on her. Take sleeping for example. Doctor says always put your baby on their back to sleep. She sleeps through the night every night on her back. Put her on her back for a nap and you’re lucky if she sleeps for 20 minutes. Yep, I’m just as puzzled as you are. Guess what, my little lady sleeps all three of her hour and a half naps on her tummy. This was super hard for me because it was breaking a rule that is supposed to insure the safety of my sleeping infant. After a week of her not sleeping I bent the rule and we are all so much happier!

Tonight after caving and giving her Tylenol after she cried most of the day and slept about half of her naps I felt really guilty. I never wanted to give my babies medicine. I don’t take medicine unless I am really sick so I figured I’d be the same way with my kids. Then your sweet baby looks at you through tear filled eyes and you realize she has no choice. She can’t ask for the medicine and likely she would beg you for it if she could. Right after I gave it to her I saw THIS article via Emily and I felt so much better. (Warning there is some profanity in the article.) I am never going to be the mother people think I should be. But as I’ve said before and will say again and again, I’m doing my best and that’s all I can do.