My Cleaning Lists

June 13, 2013

So I’ve been asked before, and after my post on getting motivated the other day I was asked again to post my cleaning lists. So here you have it, they are kind of a work in progress. I need to redo them now that we live in a new house with different needs, but you can get the basics and tweak them to fit your needs. I bought dollar store certificate frames because a piece of printer paper fits in them. Then I scoured the Internet, found lists I liked and consolidated them to fit my needs.

So my daily list I try to complete by 5:00, yes hula hooping is on the list, I have a weighted hula hoop that works your core without killing your back. I don’t usually check them off, but they are a good reminder. My weekly is pretty well set, except I need to add ironing and mopping. Now that I have a child feeding herself I need to mop the kitchen weekly.

I know it appears I am seriously slacking, but I did a lot of these last month when we moved in and it’s just about time to do them again.

Confession: I’m not fantastic about the quarterly list. This is what I really want to get better at. Some of these I naturally do, like purge and donate my closets, some not so much like cleaning the tops of my cabinets. I need to just plan one day every quarter and do the whole list. Some of these you could do every 6 months, but I kept it simple for the list sake.

Once a year and it would be super helpful in keeping our house much nicer. Especially cleaning out the window tracks. Our last house probably never had the tracks clean and it was nearly impossible to get them looking nice. Now I just have to wipe them out once year and it’s much easier.

I hung them up together in our laundry room and can use a dry erase marker on the glass to mark the tasks off and keep reusing them.

I do not have these in printable form, but lucky for you I stumbled upon THIS last night and she did an amazing job making beautiful free printables to make an entire house binder. It’s amazing and I would love to do this someday. I am by no means an excellent house keeper, but I decided it was time to try, so don’t look at this and think I have it all together, I DO NOT.


2 Responses to “My Cleaning Lists”

  1. JuliaBabs said

    Wow thanks so much for posting this! I’m not at all a crafty/diy person, but I’m inspired to actually make some of these myself. I’m assuming you have them in glass and use a dry erase marker? I really like the way you organized them by daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Makes things seem far more manageable. Thanks so much for sharing this and inspiring me to be a better homemaker 🙂

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