Our Home Office

June 11, 2013

For those of you that don’t know, my husband’s daily commute is 10 steps from our bedroom. Originally it was supposed to be in the basement, but due to some technical difficulties he is working from our eventual guest room indefinitely. We hope to someday build him an awesome space just his own downstairs, but not in the foreseeable future. I wasn’t sure how it would be having him work from home, but so far I LOVE IT!! I see him maybe a total of 15 minutes a day during work hours, but I love that he pops in to say hi to Ellery when he takes a bathroom break or comes down to grab lunch or a snack. Every once and a while he takes a lunch and we’ll take a walk around our neighborhood which is just an added bonus. I love that there is another adult in the house with me all the time and I can hear him talking part of the day which makes me feel a lot less lonely. And the number one reason I like him working from home….

Accountability!! I thought I did a lot during the day when we lived in Austin and he worked downtown, now that he works from home I realize I didn’t really do that much. I found out that I watched a lot of Netflix and took naps and kinda cleaned sometimes. Now that he is home I feel the pressure to work all day long. He doesn’t put any pressure on me, he says he completely doesn’t care what I do, but knowing that he’s in the house working makes me want to work all day too. There are a lot of days now that I don’t really sit down and relax until Elle goes to bed. Lucky for me, Stephanie and I have started Monday morning chore chats. We each make a list and when Ellery goes down for her morning nap I call and we chat while we work on our lists. This is the perfect start to my week because I feel so good from being productive that I keep up this list thing all week. This is not to say I never slack off, today I took an hour nap because I was exhausted and have been crashing at night, but I’m just more conscious of what I’m doing all day.

The other thing I love is Andrew is tired of being cooped up all day so he wants to get out in the evenings. We try to eat dinner really early and get out for a bit afterwards. Tonight we went down to the river and walked the path, then drove around downtown and past my dad’s childhood home. Before when he got home we stayed home which means there were MANY days I didn’t leave the house. I’m definitely enjoying this new lifestyle.


2 Responses to “Our Home Office”

  1. JuliaBabs said

    Would you be willing to share your general chore list? Chores are something I struggle with…I kind of just clean when I see something I think needs cleaning, but I would love to have more day-to-day structure.

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