What? No Way

June 8, 2013

Have you heard the new song out called heart attack by Demi Lavato? Ok I’m not sure how new it is, but we had never heard it until we moved here 5 weeks ago. The first time Andrew and I listened to it he said,”I’m pretty sure she just said,’I’m putting my defenses up, cause I don’t want to fart aloud, if I ever did that I think I’d have a heart attack.” We seriously thought these were the lyrics. We turned the section up every time it came on and we continually came to the conclusion that’s what she was saying. Eventually I looked it up and the actual lyric is ” cause I don’t want to fall in love.” To be perfectly honest I think Andrew’s version makes more sense and you better believe we belt that made up line every time it plays on the radio. I also thought she said, “playing with a kindle,”to which Andrew corrected it to Ken Doll. What is wrong with people’s diction? If you’ve never heard the song you can listen to it HERE. If you do know the song I apologize if I just ruined it for you forever.


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