Dining Room Redo

June 5, 2013

Here it is folks, our first finished room, well it’s almost finished. To be perfectly honest I highly doubt any room in our house will ever be completely done, I like to change things up, but this room is done enough to show you. Our dining room was the one thing that almost prevented us from closing. The former owners took the crystal chandelier, replaced it with a $10 boob light and were in breach of contract. They lied to our realtor, but luckily we scoured our contract the night before and they paid for us to get a new light, honestly they ended up paying for the entire room makeover because I only spent half of the money on the light.

Here is the picture from the listing of the house:


And here is what it looks like today:


I personally find it hard to believe that these are even the same room. Andrew and his dad worked their butts off last weekend to complete the wood paneling. Thanks to our friend Steve for letting us borrow all the tools to complete this. Andrew and I spent this weekend painting it and I did the touch ups yesterday. Check that project off the list, 1 down, 1 million to go…

Curtains: IKEA
Gray: Sherwin Williams Serious Gray
White: Sherwin Williams Snowbound
Light: Floor Sample purchased from KBL (brand unknown)
Table: Ashley (OLD)
Paneling Inspiration: HERE (minus the top shelf)


One Response to “Dining Room Redo”

  1. Gorgeous! What a huge transformation!

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