Hot, I mean hot pink

May 30, 2013

Today I got an e-mail from the LOFT telling me that all their sale merchandise was 60% off. Since having a baby I have a limited number of shorts that fit and for some reason I have been wanting to wear shorts everyday. So I ran into LOFT with my little lady today and snagged a couple pairs. One of which was hot pink, and I mean neon, there is no filter on this photo and this is what they look like.


When I saw them I just knew I had to have them. When I got home I thought I’d go through my closet and put together a few outfits. Some of you have asked me for suggestions on mom style so I put together four options. I looked a hot mess so as much as I hate pictures with people’s heads cut off it was really my only feasible option if I was going to post them.



One Response to “Hot, I mean hot pink”

  1. Angie said

    I love that you bought these because I’ve been lusting after them (every time I work) and haven’t bought them cause I hate myself in shorts, unless they’re super long!

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