10 MonthLetter

May 22, 2013

To My Congenial Ellery Wynn,

I laugh as I write the to line tonight because you screamed at me from about 6:30 until bedtime, but for the most part you are miss congeniality. We really put this to the test when we moved cross country, left you with people you didn’t know, slept you in different beds, changed up your schedule and really changed your life this month. You have gotten through most of it with a smile on your face. You have a fantastic disposition. You are hysterical and this month has been especially fun because you love to mimic us. Your daddy can get you to do some pretty silly things. I wish I could describe the noises you make, you do some weird thing with your tongue that is quite funny too. You are starting to clap and I can already tell you have a sense of rhythm, when we play music you punch the sky or wave your hand to the beat. I am one lucky mama because we have gotten moved in and nearly settled and you are still not exactly crawling. You get to where you want to go, just haven’t figured out that your knees will take you there faster. You have become very attached to me this month, understandably so, with so much transition I am your constant. Dad isn’t even the fix for sadness this month as he usually is. I’ve held you a lot this month and count myself lucky that you are still so tiny. While I might be the favorite these days you still don’t call me mama and it appears you are saying dada to your daddy. I also believe you are using the word hi correctly, and while you probably don’t know what ya means you say it a lot and often in response to a question which is just too cute for words. You are gentle and sweet and your laugh is most definitely the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.

Love you forever,



One Response to “10 MonthLetter”

  1. Mom said

    I totally see “Campbell” in that picture:). I know first hand–she truly is
    “Miss Congeniality”

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