Before You Nominate Me

May 10, 2013

Sometimes it seems like I have it all together, sometimes I actually do, other times not so much. So before you nominate me for mother of the year you should probably know these things. I’ve used the mum mum veggie rusks to buy myself time everyday for the past two weeks, her arsenic level is probably through the roof. I call them my secret weapon, it has gotten us through car rides, the move and unpacking. The other night I decided I didn’t feel like feeding her dinner, I was exhausted and figured nursing was probably sufficient, lucky for her at this same moment I found a peach packet that I let her suck down before bed. Yeah I was that tired. Yesterday she ate a rather large chunk of paper, didn’t gag or choke or anything. Was completely un phased by swallowing this piece of paper. While I’m sure bubble paper is a suffocation or choking hazard or some other death trap item I have let Ellery play with it everyday. Yes I’m in the room, yes I realize it still probably isn’t the best, but she loves it and it’s accessible. While unpacking my closet I let her chew on the tag of my straightener cord that was dangling down the vanity. At least I made sure it was unplugged and couldn’t fall on her. Somedays I feel like I’m failing and then I remember no ones perfect, and I cut myself some slack. So if today you feel like you’re failing remember the Johnson’s baby commercial last line “you’re doing ok mom.” Does anyone else cry every time they see this commercial?


2 Responses to “Before You Nominate Me”

  1. oh Laura. If those are the “worst” things you have done, you have NOTHING to worry about, my friend. I think I have your list topped by about a million, lol. We do what we need to do to get by Sounds like you’re doing great to me! 🙂

    • campbell2008 said

      Haha oh Jill I’m sure I’ve done much worse, those are just this week. Been super thankful that she just figured out how to be mobile in the last few days, otherwise moving and unpacking would have been a nightmare! Not sure what I would have done then.

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