Inspired to Get Dressed

April 11, 2013

My friend Lydia posted on Facebook weeks ago about getting inspired to get dressed everyday in something kinda cute. I will admit it’s hard with kids, just this morning I got sneezed on with a mouth full of oatmeal and I was glad I wasn’t wearing a beautiful silk top. I have been tossing this idea around in my head for weeks and here are some thoughts. She was thinking doing themed days, I like this idea. Her thought was something like one day would be black and white day, etc, so here are my thoughts to expand on her idea.

Pre-kid day: I typically do this on Sunday or Saturday date night. I wear something that I wouldn’t wear with a kid, but would have worn pre-kid. It might be a silk shirt, high heels, a shorter skirt, but something that makes me feel less mom. I do this on the weekends when Andrew is around, usually I just wear it out for a few hours or to church, Andrew carries her mostly on the weekends so for me this is practical.

Pop of Color day: I’m thinking you could do all one color like white jeans and a white top with a fun shoe or statement necklace. Or a neutral outfit with a pop of color. This girl did this just right.

Whatever Wednesday: is it just me or do you feel like Wednesdays are a crazy long day of the week. For some reason the middle of the week is always a rough day so I’m thinking cute comfy. Like a maxi dress or skirt and a cute top knot hair do. Or maybe boyfriend jeans and a slouchy sweatshirt like this from Kendi.

Inspired day: I have never done this before, but this lady makes it look like so much fun. I don’t know about you, but when I had a baby I lost my clothing budget so this one is exciting to me because it’s all about using what you have.

I’m sure there are tons more ideas out there, feel free to leave some thoughts in the comments. My goal from day one with Ellery was to be showered and dressed by 4 PM so Andrew didn’t come home to a disheveled wife. I can’t say I’ve been 100% successful, but I will say that when you get dressed you feel so much better about yourself and I have noticed I look a lot thinner dressed than I do in my jammies.


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