Let’s Be Honest

April 4, 2013

You don’t wear everything in your closet. Even I don’t wear everything in my closet and I’m a freak about purging every season. I had to get really honest with myself as I packed up my closet last week. Everything I wear on a consistent rotation will fit into a suitcase, no joke. Part of this is because I have a nursing body so some of my tops just don’t fit right now, partly it’s the season, and partly it’s because while I’m under where I was weight wise when I got pregnant my hips and belly don’t lie, I had a baby. Shoes, do you have trouble getting rid of shoes? I do, I am not a big shoe person, but once I find a pair I like I have a terrible time getting rid of them, I know some of mine are not really in style anymore, but they are in good shape so they get to sit in my closet, it’s time to part ways. I kept about 7 t-shirts and 4 pairs of workout pants in there and packed the rest away months ago, I haven’t missed them one single time. Moving puts a lot in perspective. I have a garage full of boxes and I have only missed two items in the last month or two, why oh why do we hold on to so much? It’s time people, get honest with yourself, clear out those closets, cupboards and garage. Have a garage sale, list on e-bay or Craigslist, or just donate it!! It is probably complicating your life much more than you realize! How is your minimization going? If you are just joining me, check out the other ways we’ve been minimizing our year HERE! And this is my closet right now and surprisingly I’m kind of enjoying it!


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