Actually Happening

March 25, 2013

I know we sold our house, bought a new house and started packing, but when I booked the movers today it finally hit me, this is actually happening. Oh my word. We go back and forth between we are so excited and what are we doing, is this insane? At the end of the day we always feel like we have made the right decision and we are very much looking forward to our new life in central Illinois. It’s days like today when they are buried under a foot of snow and we are enjoying the sunshine that people look at us and question why we would EVER want to live in the Midwest. I think it’s something you can’t really explain unless you’ve lived there, and I won’t even attempt to do so today. When people say you don’t want to live there it’s cold, I say, well it’s hot here. Andrew says I sound like we are moving because of the weather, not the case at all, it’s just that the grass is not always greener and while snow is inconvenient, heat is too, especially with little ones! All this to say, it’s happening, I know when we are loading and unloading and that little piece of information alone has put my mind more at ease. I still feel overwhelmed many days, but know that we will get moved in and settled and it’ll happen quicker than we expect, it feels like forever from now. Whoa ok way faster, I just counted and we load our stuff in 33 days. I better run and get more boxes and get this house packed up!!!


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