8 Month Letter

March 21, 2013

To My Sweet Sweet Ellery Wynn,

You have a really sweet disposition. You are so enjoyable to be around and you smile at everyone. I love taking you everywhere with me because strangers come and talk to you all the time and tell me that you just made their day with your sweetness. Right when I was getting really weary with nursing you switched yourself to a 4 hour schedule and it gave me a boost to go until you turn one, I’m loving the new schedule. You have had to be so flexible this month with selling our home, getting our inspection done, repairs, and traveling to buy a new house. You have handled it better than I could have ever asked or expected. God knew what he was doing when he gave us an easy going kid for this crazy time in our life. You experienced snow for the first time this month and seemed to enjoy it, that’s good because you are about to live in a place that gets a lot of it. You have the most amazing fine motor skills I’ve ever seen in a baby this young. You mastered the pincer grasp and still enjoy feeding yourself with a spoon and now a fork. Your gross motor is much slower than most and I actually appreciate this a lot! This month you finally started rolling around everywhere and there are no signs of crawling in your near future. I’m kind of hoping you wait until we are moved in to our new house before you become super mobile. This has given you the ability to roll all around your crib and we find you in the funniest positions in the mornings. You love when we sing songs using your name and belly laugh with delight every time. You learned how to do raspberries and you do this when you are frustrated. This cracks us up and we like it a whole lot more than you screaming! This month has been so stressful for your dad and me, but you have helped us remember what is important and have calmed us down and brought us tons of joy. You are a blast my sweet girl!

Love you forever,



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