Save Your Money

March 18, 2013

We can’t minimize our spending in all areas of our life, our house is eating our savings account. Of course everything falls apart when you are selling your home and you must leave the house in tip top shape. This morning I’ll be paying a drywaller AND a plumber, exactly how I like to spend money. So when I realized it is stinking hot here and my baby needed a lightweight sleep sack I was on the quest to find one for cheap, like less than $10. No such luck, the cheapest i could find was $20, so I got inventive. I got a package of Aden and Anais swaddle blankets for my shower and one of them was getting really pilly so I cut it up and made a sleep sack. I grabbed some Velcro from my stash and some double fold bias tape and 30 minutes later I had a sleep sack for my sweetie and my bank account loves me. I used the heavy weight sleep sack that I already had as a rough pattern and because I have never sewn a zipper and didn’t have one on hand I just used Velcro on the shoulders. It does not look perfect, but it’ll work, here is how it turned out. Save that $20 and make your own.



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