Short Update

March 14, 2013

Yeah, so remember when I said I had time to blog this week, um not so much, what was I thinking? But I realize we have news that I haven’t shared and some of you are probably wondering what is going on. We bought a house. Buying your second house is much less exciting than buying your first house and it is way more stressful. In Texas they have an option period where buyers can back out with very little penalty, like a few hundred bucks. In all other states this does not exist. The first people backed out around day 6 of their 8 day period and the new buyers’ option period was over yesterday. So I can officially say our house is sold and our new house is purchased. We close here April 30th and up North May 2nd. A lot has to happen that week and I’m already feeling a little stressed about coordinating our move, but i’ve learned that worrying is a waste of time so I plan to just roll with it. Our stuff will get there somehow, sometime, Elle can sleep in a pack and play, we can crash somewhere, no big deal really. I want to show you pictures of our new house, but most of you would think “um, what were you thinking” so instead I’ll keep you in suspense until I can get my hands and a paint roller on that house. I will say I am geeking out excited about having a huge basement mostly finished. A place to store our luggage, our baby stuff we have outgrown and a TORNADO SHELTER. I haven’t had a basement since I was 8 years old and I’m really excited, Andrew does not get this at all and I know he thinks I’m a big weirdo, but he is excited about the huge yard, which I don’t care much about. Alright, I have so much to say, but someone must feed the baby and that person is me for the next 4 months or so.


One Response to “Short Update”

  1. Exciting! I’m totally with you on the tornado shelter, my gosh. I was terrified at the thought of owning a house without a basement!! i know we’re not in Peoria, but if there’s anything we can do to help, let us know!

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