March 11, 2013

I realize my situation is a little different than most when it comes to minimizing my pantry and refrigerator. I intend to take almost nothing from these things in May when we move, but I still think people could stand to get rid of a lot in these areas. I went through my pantry a couple weeks ago and threw away everything that was expired that wouldn’t be good expired. Obviously some things last way past the expiration date. Then I went through everything that I feasibly would not be using anytime soon and gave them to a friend. I had a brown grocery sack full of stuff that I just don’t use, some I got from my brother’s move, others from grocery store meal deals where you buy one thing and get 4 other items free. For example, we don’t drink koolaid, but it came free so I took it and passed it along. Then I started going through our refrigerator. We used up all the ketchup packets, honey mustard, BBQ sauce and salad dressings that we’d been stashing from restaurants and now we are eating through all of our dressings before buying more even though some of them aren’t my favorite. Waste not want not right? I’ve started tackling the freezer as well. We finished off our gigantic bag of stir fry veggies a couple weeks ago and we’ll be drinking smoothies for a few weeks before our move to use up all the frozen berries and bananas. I’m trying to plan all our meals around getting rid of what we already have and buying as little as possible. Really this would be a great way to stick to your grocery budget every month if you did this the last week of the month. I think a couple weeks ago I only had to spend like $20 to make dinner for the week because I was using our stuff up. I hope to keep this practice up even when we aren’t moving so I can keep our budget down and our pantry purged. Happy minimizing!


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