Could This Actually Happen?

February 26, 2013

That’s what I asked our realtor Saturday when she stopped by to help us complete our paperwork. We decided we would put our house on the Market March 1st. We wanted to get our roof done and finish painting the back of the house. Saturday at 1:00 we had a showing, their realtor wanted to show them before it went on the market. She had stopped by earlier in the week with another client who decided to pass, but she thought this couple would love the house. We left the house and said a quick prayer, “Lord, if this is the couple meant for our house please let them love it and buy it today.” We went about our day and honestly had no expectations. At one point I’m sure we joked about how cool it would be if we were done selling our house before it even began, but had no serious hopes, we knew in order to sell it before it went on the market we would have to get a full price offer. Around 4:00 on Saturday we got a text from our realtor saying they wanted to put in an offer. Still with low expectations we were cautiously optimistic and we went through the process of getting all our ducks in a row with paperwork and utility reports. Our realtor came over, picked up the paperwork and got all the official stuff going. Sunday evening Andrew and I were sitting around hanging out and I happened to check my e-mail, we got the offer, it was good and with a couple minor tweaks our house went under contract yesterday. Our closing date is 42 days from today!! For those of you math challenged, like myself, that’s April 9th. Yes, you read that right, we sold our house before it even went on the market. We still obviously have some things that need to happen before it all totally goes through, but we are excited and moving forward. The inspection is later this week, a few of our windows are being replaced and the appraisal has to be completed, but we can’t wait for all of that to choose our next house so we are in official house hunting mode. We appreciate all your prayers, friends, we know this whole process is not because of what we have done, but because of what God is doing. We could use a few more from you so here is what we need specific prayer for over the coming weeks.

– That the inspection would come back fairly clean, there is no way it’ll be spotless, but we are praying for a good report.
– That the house would appraise for the purchase price, I don’t know why, but this part has always stressed me out, I guess because I can’t do anything to fix this.
– That all the financing goes through in a timely manner, for us and for them.
– That we feel at peace with whatever house we get. We have a house picked out that we are both thrilled with, but ultimately we want to be in the right location for God’s plans and I don’t want our love of this house to cloud our judgement.
– And probably my biggest stress right now, that the move will be smooth. I’m not kidding when I say we have 3X the amount of stuff that we did when we moved here. We are packing and loading ourselves and it has stressed me out since day one! We have a gigantic couch that I am not sure how we will fit in a truck with all our boxes.

We met the buyers last night and I am so much more ready to hand over the house. They are a sweet newlywed couple and they seem so excited to live here. Makes it feel more like I’m giving someone a gift of a home instead of feeling like I’m just leaving one behind.

Now you know if I’m a little sporadic in my posting I’m either packing or purging!

One Response to “Could This Actually Happen?”

  1. Oh my goodness — that is amazing! AMAZING!
    I’ve been meaning to tell you how cool it is that you guys are moving back to IL! (The girls have been keeping me on my toes.) Your story(ies) are really encouraging me.
    After this year Blake’s job will be either a transition here in Ames, or we will be moving somewhere else (to be determined.) So I’m loving watching the way God is just moving this all along for you. Its boosting my faith.
    And I was gonna mention before when you were talking about leaving your first home and then getting a new one in a previous post. I felt that same when when we were moving. And we didn’t get to pick from much when we were place shopping here, so I was really worried I would hate living in our current place (its teeny tiny) but its so weird, I love it here. (Not so much the town, but I love my home.) I’m totally gonna miss it and think back just as fondly on our second place as our first. I think a home is a home. 🙂 You will love your next place.

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