7 Month Letter

February 19, 2013

My child Ellery Wynn,

I’m not sure when it happened, but you are no longer a baby. I really wasn’t prepared for this, I mean one day you needed me for nourishment, comfort, thirst quenching, entertainment and the next day you are holding a cup, drinking on your own, eating veggies, reaching for what you want to play with and entertaining yourself. You even feed yourself with a spoon which i seriously thought wouldn’t happen for another 6 months. Then you sprouted teeth and this mama’s heart could hardly handle that change. I thought I would really dislike this phase. I thought until you could walk you would be a blob, I was so incredibly wrong. I am loving every minute of this, ok almost every minute, the teething screaming wasn’t fun for any of us! I catch people saying all the time, “I can’t wait until she/he does _______.” They don’t mean anything bad by this, but I’ve decided I will try not to feel this way, I will try to live each day enjoying the present. I won’t lie, I will not miss you soaking through my shirts and slobbering all over my hands, but I know this is just a phase and it’ll be over before I know it, or in a couple years when you have all your teeth. You started taking real baths this month, you lay in the water and kick your legs non stop for like ten minutes, I think you will enjoy swim lessons this summer. One of my favorite new developments this month is you take two naps now instead of three, it gives us a lot more freedom to leave the house and run errands. You sit up like a pro, love to ride in the cart at stores, and eating out is fun with you sitting in the high chair and eating your puffs. Your first word was Mama and I happened to actually catch it on video, you said Dada for dad when he got home from work that same day. I caved and let you watch your first DVD this month, oh my word it was the sweetest thing, you laughed and talked through the whole thing! You are starting to gain greater independence this month, but at the same time want me more than ever. I’m trying to strike a good balance of letting you explore on your own and constantly being in your line of vision. I’m so glad I get to be your mom!

Love you forever,


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