Give me an Inch

January 30, 2013

I will take a mile. Well, with Andrew at least. I am just now starting to realize this, it’s only taken me 5 years. A couple weekends ago I asked Andrew if he would give me 10 minutes in his closet going through his clothes, getting rid of stuff he doesn’t wear and seeing if he needs anything. He told me he’d give me 7 *wink*. An hour, or maybe two, later he told me that if he gives me an inch I will take a mile, and I would have to agree. The good thing is we cleared out all the stuff he doesn’t wear and he discovered a lot of things that he forgot he had and it was like he got new clothes.

Monday I caught myself again. I am sometimes irrational. I haven’t been this irrational since pregnancy we were getting ready to leave for Boston 2 weeks ago. For some reason the dishes were totally overwhelming me. They were piled in the sink and in a panic I asked Andrew if he could do just 5, then I added the dinner dishes and then he said, well why don’t I just do all of them? We worked together and in a matter of minutes, literally 10 minutes, all the dishes were done and I felt so much better! At this point I said to Andrew, “my goodness God knew just what he was doing when He paired us up.” Somehow Andrew calms me down when I go spinning out of control and when he gets a little out of sorts I usually have the sense to get him back on track.

Hopefully I’ll learn to be content with just an inch before Andrew stops giving me even that.

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