I Have a Hobby!!

January 24, 2013

When you meet new people and they ask you what your hobbies are I always stand there with a dumb look on my face and then I stumble through a list of things I do. Um I blog? Is pinning on Pinterest a hobby? I play the piano, but that’s more my passion, not a casual hobby. So for Christmas I asked for a sewing machine. This feels like a full on hobby and I’m already having so much fun with it. Stephanie and I decided this year we’ll be doing a sewing project every month. Since we can’t be together at least we can do something together. That’s for another post and another series I’ll be calling Sewing with Steph. I’m waiting until she finishes hers and then I’ll post pictures. Andrew was in Albuquerque last night so I stayed up late and picked a project form my sewing board on Pinterest. I rummaged through my very small fabric stash and found everything I needed, except Velcro. I used the leftover fabric from Ellery’s nursery and got to work. I had no intention of finishing it last night, but I got on a roll. I grabbed the Velcro this mornings and finished during Elle’s mid morning nap.

I was inspired to make the Anywhere Chair.. The instructions were a little confusing for this beginner, but the pictures were very helpful. If you decide to do this project use common sense and don’t get too wrapped up in the instructions. Hers looks more professional, but I’m super satisfied how mine turned out. And I’m absolutely smitten with my model.



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