These are a Few of Elle’s Favorite Things

January 23, 2013

And mine too, but Elle’s name fits way better into the song.

How did our parents live without THESE swaddles? The Velcro is so nice to have and they are perfect for when they go to one arm and then no arms. We are to the point where I swaddle her under her armpits now and soon we’ll be done all together.

I have been loving these SOCKS since she was born. Makes you feel like you never need to put on shoes to finish an outfit. No need to buy these expensive trumpette ones, TJmaxx sells a much cheaper brand that are just as cute, maybe even cuter, baby basics I think is the brand we have.

THIS teething ring is the grand daddy teether. At least for our lady, she only likes this one.

We are loving BATHTUB books, but not in the bathtub. I love them because I can wash them often and when we have little friends over I know we can share them and wash them.

THIN WASHCLOTHS, I use nice thick ones for bath time, but the thin ones are perfect for cleaning up after meals.

On that note, get some SNAP BIBS. The Velcro ones ruin themselves and other laundry stuff.

We are in love with our EXCERSAUCER. I thought a lot about this when I was registering. I wanted one that had tons of different activities, but no batteries. I think there are so many stimulating toys out there that she needs some that require her to interact with them on her own. She really enjoys her time in the saucer, and I enjoy it too!

And I just realized how much better this post would have been with pictures, but I’m feeling a little lazy today so you’ll have to click on the links if you want to see the goods.

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