6 Month Letter

January 21, 2013

My Teeny Tiny Ellery Wynn,

This has maybe been the toughest month yet. Also the most fun, funny how that works sometimes. You have become very tiny this month. We realized you were losing weight and took you to the doctor. Turns out you just don’t seem to eat enough and aren’t really that into nursing. There is a long list of reasons this has happened, but the important thing is we are now on the other side of this and you love food. It seems you especially love squash. I’m having a lot more fun making food than I thought I would and your faces are priceless. So far green beans win the award for funniest face, you are not a fan yet, we’ll keep trying. You are so much fun to be around! Your laugh is amazing, you smile all the time, you love to play and you are so curious. The way you explore things is very entertaining and I especially love the way you touch my face in absolute awe. The separation anxiety has begun. It’s not all the time, but you realize after about 15 minutes that I’m not there and you get very sad. This breaks my heart and fills it all at once. I love that I’m your person, but I hate that I can’t always be there for you. Luckily you did really well on our trip to see daddy’s family. You were miss congeniality even when 30 people crowded the house and passed you around! It wasn’t until the night before we left that you had a complete mommy melt down and needed lots of snuggle time. They just couldn’t get enough of your sweet self, it’s hard to live so far away. It especially stinks because you are not very fond of flying, your first flight was less than pleasant, but I can’t blame you, the conditions were less than ideal. You are my favorite baby in the history of babies. Your naps are too long and your awake time flies by, I just can’t get enough of you!!

Love you forever,


One Response to “6 Month Letter”

  1. Babsie said

    I’m sorry to hear your little one was having trouble gaining weight…I never would have guessed based off of those adorable rolls! Nevertheless, it’s still hard as a mother to hear your baby isn’t “thriving” as well as she should be (I put thriving in quotations because I disagree with that medical term…I think there’s a lot more to healthy growth then just weight gain). You mentioned Ellery had a variety of reasons for not being that into nursing…if it’s not too private, can I ask what they are? Do you plan on doing anything differently nursing with with any future children?

    I ask because I myself have had some issues (on and off) nursing my almost 1 year old throughout his first year of life. We had an outright nursing strike at one point and then several periods of extreme frustration in getting him to nurse (with crying from both me and him!) As a first time mom, I’m always thinking to myself (for better or for worse) what I could have done differently or would do differently with another child…nursing is probably one of those areas I would take a different approach to. I think I did far too much clock-watching and not enough instinctive/demand feeding. I’m convinced that if I’d breastfed more naturally, then some of the issues I had could have been avoided…that’s just my experience though (and I’m not trying to say that’s the case for you as I have no idea what your experience was 🙂 ). I think that if we are blessed with another child, I’d probably try a different approach to nursing…isn’t it odd that something so biological/natural/ancient/etc. that seems like it should come so easily can often be so challenging?! What did people do before formula if their babies had nursing issues?!

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