Weigh In

January 18, 2013

I’m not really sure if I could pull this off, but I’ve thought about it a lot and have wanted it for over a year. I’d have to look into how much it costs, but I am wondering your thoughts on this. If you know me I want to know if you think this would look good on me or if this would look totally out of character, like I’m trying to be someone I’m not. I would likely do them all smaller than this.



5 Responses to “Weigh In”

  1. Kylee Campbell said

    I think it would look super cute on you!! Cartilage piercings are usually pretty inexpensive I have three myself it’s just finding places that do them. For something like that you would probably need to go to a tattoo shop.

  2. I think it would be cute. But it looks like it would really hurt. I have one cartilage piercing I did when I was 18. It hurt for a long time, and then it just stayed sore for the better part of a year. I remember holding a phone to my left ear, switching it and thinking, if I knew it was going to feel like this forever I wouldn’t have done it. (Of course it turned out not to be forever, but it was long enough that I seriously thought it might be.) And I have no idea how you would get in there to take them in and out, that would extra hurt. (My ear still bugs me if I try to get mine in and out — so I never do.

    Just had to do the motherly thing and throw the bummer part out there for ya. 🙂

    • campbell2008 said

      Haha thanks Lydia. I was worried about that and I’m also wondering if I am allowed to get a piercing while nursing so I’m at least 6 months away from actually doing it!

      • oh yeah, I didn’t think about the nursing part. I’m not sure about that either.
        Someone said it on Facebook that you could try it with nail art rhinestones first — I did that when I was thinking of getting a nose ring (just at home of course). I ended up thinking I looked kinda funny with it on — helping me decide against it.
        And one more motherly-thought: even if a piercing isn’t forever, the scar is. (I have a belly ring scar, which I regret in hindsight. Post pregnancy, I just didn’t like the piercing there, so its gone, but there is a hole-indent that I’m not a fan of.)

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