All is Well That Ends Well

January 16, 2013

Oh my, last Thursday was a bit stressful, a bit is actually under exaggerating the situation. It was horrible from start to finish. Ellery wasn’t napping, not totally sure why, but let’s just say at one point we worked on going to sleep for an hour. The problems seemed to compound throughout the day. First off we had the issue of painting the trim, I couldn’t paint Ellery’s room, but I was able to paint some of the door jams so we could rehang the doors when we got home, I did that during Ellery’s one good nap which means I didn’t really get around to packing like I had hoped. While I’m painting I was running the dryer, it smelled like I was grilling on a charcoal grill in my house. Apparently this happens when you paint with super strong paint fumes, who knew? Mix that with the smell of the spoiled chicken in my trash can and oil based paint and it’s enough to make you want to lose your lunch! During this time I called the medical supply company that I was waiting on a shipment from (this is a long story all in itself so that’s for another day) and I find out I’ve had people lying to me for the past week. I was so mad I just about couldn’t contain myself. Andrew comes home and informs me our flight has been pushed back two hours. So we are scheduled to board the plane at 8:35, perfect timing for a baby that goes to sleep by 7:30 every night, oh joy. This also means we’ll be getting to our destination at 1 IN THE MORNING!!

We board the plane, Ellery is loving all the people and looking around the plane. We take off and she cried pretty consistently for the first hour. The flight was turbulent for all, but 5 minutes, so we couldn’t stand up with her which made falling asleep really difficult. I knew we would have a challenge because she has the hardest time falling asleep while being held, she kept looking at me begging me to out her down , but there was nothing I could do about it. She was crying, I was crying and I’m pretty sure everyone else was cursing at us. I think at one point I told Andrew I never wanted to do this ever again, he reminded me that we would be doing it again in just a few short days and the flight would be an hour longer. To top it off this “daddy’s girl” decided she wanted nothing to do with Andrew the entire flight so every time he touched her she went hysterical which means both my arms were asleep basically the entire flight.

We land, hooray, and it was a direct flight so of course our luggage will be there, right? WRONG!! It’s now 1:30, I have a screaming baby in the car and a husband calling me letting me know that they lost MY BAG. My bag also means Ellery’s bag and because I’ve never done this I didn’t know I should mix the bags. So we get to the house around 2 AM, I have none of Ellery’s sleeping stuff and I have no underwear which really grosses me out after being on an airplane, I seriously needed a shower.

Somehow I kept it together and didn’t let it get me down nearly as much as I thought it would, all is well that ends well. We got our luggage the next day, Ellery stayed happy the whole trip despite the lack of sleep the first couple nights and because we were going to Nana’s house she had everything we needed for the first couple days. Overall a great trip, however I’m not eager to get on a plane with Ellery any time soon!!


2 Responses to “All is Well That Ends Well”

  1. Elise said

    That sounds awful… and a lot like our flight back from Florida in November. A crying baby who just wanted to be put down or walked around (neither of which was possible)- plus she had a cold and couldn’t breathe easily/the pressure from take off and landing made her ears hurt really badly… AND, when her daddy took her into the bathroom to change her, she peed with her diaper off- on her clothes, him, herself, etc. Thankfully, it was our flight home but I agree- not eager to get on a plane with her anytime soon!
    Glad you guys had a good trip and she did better on the way home.

    • campbell2008 said

      Elise, I got wise and figured out flying in a footie seriously scrunched her toes when holding her up on my shoulder. So no footies on flights for us ever again!!

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