Fake Cry

January 7, 2013

Do you ever fake cry? I’m not a big cryer, much more now than ever before thanks to motherhood, but still I maybe cry a couple times a month. This weekend required tears, I didn’t have any in me so I made Andrew hug me while I fake cried and complained. Sometimes I can be a little over the top, ok a lot over the top. We have been putting off the huge task of painting all the woodwork in our house and finally decided this weekend was the time to do it start it. It’s a lot of trim and we started in our bathroom which is by far the hardest area in the house so I became extra discouraged. I can handle the magnitude of the task, what I’m not dealing well with is the complication we discovered on Saturday, it’s oil based paint. Read: extremely smelly toxic paint. Not exactly conducive to living with a little baby. I’m really stressed about how we are going to paint our house, especially her room, and then live in the house while it off gasses. The best plan is to paint her room the day we leave for our trip out east and have her sleep in the pack ‘n play all day so when we get back it won’t be so bad. That involves me painting and cleaning up paint stuff the morning of our travel day which I’m stressed out enough about as is. Flying with a baby during her bedtime should be fun… She has a very hard time falling asleep while being held, so this should be interesting. Pretty sure we’ll be “those people” with “that baby.” Dread doesn’t begin to articulate how I’m feeling about traveling.

There are some other stresses in our life going on that I’m not interested in sharing right now, I’m just overwhelmed! When Elle went down for her morning nap I just went straight back to bed. Not to sleep just to lay there. What is it about a comfy bed that seems to melt your problems away?


2 Responses to “Fake Cry”

  1. Lydia said

    I know that pile-up feeling and dread from it.

    Do you have to use that paint? Could you switch to latex?

    This might sound trite, but I’ve been trying to say a Bible verse out loud when I feel discouraged.
    Its a new thing since last week:
    There was one day which was full of MANY MANY whiny noises and crying sounds, I was about to mommy growl, but God must have put his hand over my mouth and whispered in my ear, “No do this instead” —

    So instead Growling, “GRRRR>>>>would you just stop it!!”

    I said in a rather loud and harsh-emotional voice, the verse of my day,
    “They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount of with wings like eagles they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.”
    Half way through my voice started to soften and break because I could feel His love and grace instead of my anger.
    And, I think just because I shocked them, but Jaina stopped whining and Arabella was quite, and Jaina said., ”I don’t want to faint.” And so I got to tell her “We won’t faint if we Hope in the Lord.”

    And so instead of fainting (which is what was feeling quite close to happening) my strength really was renewed. Our day got a lot better.
    It was really cool.
    A great life lesson.
    (I’m trying it a lot this week since its a rough one. It doesn’t fix everything, but it does help my attitude.)

    • campbell2008 said

      Thanks Lydia definitely need to try that. We tried latex, it won’t work unless we sand it all down, prime it, then paint. Dust like that is probably about as bad as the fumes. Hope your week goes quickly!

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