Minimize Email

January 4, 2013

I decided each time I do a minimization project I’d post it and put it in my new minimization category. This way I can keep track of what I’ve done and you can follow along and have a simplified life at the end of this year, if you so choose. I’m keeping it simple, no need to stress yourself out, the whole point of this is to create a more stress free life.

This week my project is minimizing e-mail. I have been getting up to 70 e-mails a day!!!. I do not work so that is a lot of junk mail. I probably only care about 5 of those per day so this week I spend about 10 minutes a day unsubscribing from e-mails. This may seem kind of silly, I could just delete them everyday, but I find that the important e-mails are getting buried in the pile of junk. Also I tend to not check my e-mail often because I don’t want to deal with the mass of unimportant messages. I’m on day two of this and it is SO NICE!! Next I just might bite the bullet and delete the 7,000 read messages in my inbox. I only know one person who keeps her inbox clean and I’ve always been tempted to try it.

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