January 3, 2013

Cloth diapers. For some of you just the mere thought of this makes you feel uneasy. I’ve heard a lot of excuses why not to use them, so I wanted to educate people on the awesomeness of cloth diapers. I hope this post makes people feel empowered to do it if they have been thinking about it and want to take the plunge!!

We have two kinds of cloth diapers. Snap front Bum genius and Gdiapers. I use the Gdiapers during the day and Bum Genius for overnight. If I were to do this all over again I would PROBABLY get all bum genius. The jury will be out on this until I have another kid because the beauty of the Gdiapers is that it is sized so when we have nugget #2 (currently not in the works) there won’t be overlap if Ellery is still in diapers.

No matter what kind of cloth you do you will want a toilet sprayer! Not sure how my mom functioned without this, but whoever invented this was a genius. On that note I have no idea how my mom did cloth diapers period, they were SO much different back in the day. Now they are basically exactly the same as disposables except you wash them. And by that I mean the way they snap, fit around the legs and seem comfortable.

For the diaper pail I have a really old hand me down diaper Dekor that works wonders. I buy a roll of like 100 trash bags for $8 and shake the bag in the washing machine and throw it out. Don’t waste your money on the expensive diaper Dekor bags.

I won’t lie, I was intimidated by them at first. I had enough disposables from gifts for 2 weeks and when they ran out, that was it, I decided not to buy anymore. However I do typically have a small bag of disposables on hand just in case. Occasionally they aren’t dry in time and I always pack her diaper bag with them for church nursery. As soon as I started I have loved them! You just have to commit and not look back.

Some common arguments against cloth:

They leak. Biggest lie ever. We have had 10 leaks in 5 months, 7 of those were with disposables!!! two of those were because she hadn’t pooped in 7 days and 1 was because I forgot to change her and they won’t hold pee indefinitely. I change the Gdiapers on her feeding schedule, every 3 hours, and it works great.

They are so much work. At first because I only had 12 Gdiapers I did do laundry every night before bed. I know that is a lot, but that only lasted a few weeks. Now I have 18 cloths for the Gdiapers and 4 bum genius so I do one mini load every four days. Not bad at all, if you think about it, 2 extra miniature loads a week is nothing. If you had more diapers you could likely get away with one small load a week.

I don’t want to carry dirty diapers around in my bag. This one was something I was totally worried about. I carry a gallon ziplock bag with me and put them in there, haven’t had any issues with that yet.

They are complicated. I will admit I was super lucky to have a friend explain how everything works and give me suggestions on how many I needed. I am more than happy to be that person for you, drop me a comment, shoot me an e-mail or if you have my number just call me.

Why I love them:

I have spent almost nothing on diapers. I was really lucky to get them at my showers so I have only spent money on diapers for trips and some wipes. I’m thinking about doing cloth wipes because they would be no extra work, I’m washing diapers anyway.

No diaper rash. At least not yet, I know when she teethes I will likely experience some rashing.

They don’t smell, this is a pro and a con. I sometimes miss that she pooped because it locks in the smell.

They are SO CUTE on a baby bum!!!!!

And what makes it all worth it…I feel like I’m saving the planet one diaper at a time!! Yeah I know I’m using a little extra water, but the volume of trash in our house is still only about one bag per week.

They might not be for you if…

You don’t have access to a washer and dryer.

You plan to take your baby to daycare (most I know of won’t do cloth, which I think is really silly, it would be no more work for them).

You plan to only have one kid. You might save a little money, but the real savings come with subsequent kids. However I have about $450 invested in diapers (which I may have $50 of my own money in that). From birth to potty trained the average American spends about $1500 on disposables, so it still might be worth it!

Bottom line: if you are thinking about cloth diapers DO IT, you won’t regret it!!

4 Responses to “Bootylicious”

  1. Jill said

    So glad they are working out for you! Funny, I hate the diaper sprayer! It sprays poo water all over…I can’t get it to spray more gently. We just use a spatula and scrape it off/wash the spatula.

    Have you tried using wet bags instead of disposble bags? They are super easy…just toss the whole thing in the washer with the diapers.

  2. Phil said

    Great post, but where was the shout out for DiaperFlush?! lol

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