Market Tote

January 31, 2013

The first installment of sewing with Steph I got to choose the project. I probably bit off a little more than I could feasibly do well, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I picked the market tote from the book 1,2,3, Sew. I unfortunately do not have a good picture of Stephanie’s project, but I am guessing she’ll have a post up in the next few days over on her blog.

Here is what the picture in the book looked like:


And here is how mine turned out:


I used leftover fabric from Elle’s nursery so I spent a whopping $2 on this entire project. I am loving this challenge!! I cannot wait to show you what we are doing for February, I’m having a hard time containing myself.


Give me an Inch

January 30, 2013

I will take a mile. Well, with Andrew at least. I am just now starting to realize this, it’s only taken me 5 years. A couple weekends ago I asked Andrew if he would give me 10 minutes in his closet going through his clothes, getting rid of stuff he doesn’t wear and seeing if he needs anything. He told me he’d give me 7 *wink*. An hour, or maybe two, later he told me that if he gives me an inch I will take a mile, and I would have to agree. The good thing is we cleared out all the stuff he doesn’t wear and he discovered a lot of things that he forgot he had and it was like he got new clothes.

Monday I caught myself again. I am sometimes irrational. I haven’t been this irrational since pregnancy we were getting ready to leave for Boston 2 weeks ago. For some reason the dishes were totally overwhelming me. They were piled in the sink and in a panic I asked Andrew if he could do just 5, then I added the dinner dishes and then he said, well why don’t I just do all of them? We worked together and in a matter of minutes, literally 10 minutes, all the dishes were done and I felt so much better! At this point I said to Andrew, “my goodness God knew just what he was doing when He paired us up.” Somehow Andrew calms me down when I go spinning out of control and when he gets a little out of sorts I usually have the sense to get him back on track.

Hopefully I’ll learn to be content with just an inch before Andrew stops giving me even that.

Setting the Record Straight

January 29, 2013

(This post is about lady things, men feel free to come back tomorrow.). The other day I posted about Ellery losing weight last month. My milk was seriously drying up, as in sometimes she would eat 1 ounce in 3 hours. A reader very politely commented and asked if I could expand on this so I private messaged her and told her what I thought was going on. Then I realized I have at least a handful of readers that have requested my nursing notes and I would be doing a dis-service to not share what happened. I also know that I have anti Babywise readers and readers considering Babywise so I just want to set the record straight.

I am pretty sure I lost my milk for a lot of reasons, Babywise was not one of them, here is what my research has shown me.

At my seven week appointment as I was getting ready for my exam I discovered that Aunt Flo decided she was tired of not visiting and she had arrived. This means had I not been following the rules I possibly could have shown up pregnant to this appointment. So when people say nursing is a good form of birth control the first 6 months know that it does not apply to everyone. I was still nursing through the night at this point. When my milk really decreased I was having the worst period of my ENTIRE LIFE. Nothing I could do about that.

My sweet baby has a condition that is caused by low estrogen, not going to expand on this because some day she will be an adult and this post might still be flying around in cyberspace. Low estrogen can cause babies to eat less. This condition resolves itself by age 6 and she’s perfectly fine, but potentially contributed to the weight loss.

My pump broke in October, I had been pumping frequently before that. Since Ellery had quit taking a bottle I decided I didn’t need one anymore and couldn’t afford to replace it so I stopped pumping, that was a bad idea. Luckily our new insurance is amazing and I got a free pump a couple weeks ago. (On that note, call your insurance before buying a pump, I got a medela $300 pump at no cost to me).

Around the time Ellery started sucking her thumb her weight started dropping. She was always a fast eater so when she put her thumb in her mouth after 5 minutes of nursing I figured she was finished. I didn’t realize 5 minutes really wasn’t enough. Now I know she needs to eat for at least 5 minutes on each side regardless of what she wants.

Besides her weight dropping there were literally NO SIGNS. She never acted hungry, she was still sleeping for all her naps and still sleeping through the night. She hadn’t become anymore fussy than her one hour witching hour so if we didn’t have a scale we probably wouldn’t have really noticed. Also her skin started getting lose.

And after playing around with increasing my supply I have found this to be the number one thing that helps. I decided I was tired of having this pooch belly so I started cutting myself off of food at 8:30 PM. BIG MISTAKE. Going to bed hungry completely zapped my supply. If I eat a small bowl of cereal before I go to bed I wake up leaking and she eats 6 to 7 ounces for the first feeding. Feeding my kiddo is obviously way more important than fitting back into my skinny jeans. So eat up nursing mamas your milk depends on it.

The reasons I don’t think Babywise played a role in this. I never let Ellery go hungry, I would stretch her 15 minutes max. Dropping the night feedings was led by her. Once she went a couple nights not eating at one of the feedings we got rid of it. By getting rid of it I mean I let her fuss in bed for a couple minutes until she went back to sleep, this lasted for a few days each time. I didn’t ever let her scream or even cry in the night, if she did I would feed her. Fussing and screaming are two very different things in my book. Still to this day I have never let her go more than 4 hours during the day without eating and most of the time she eats within 3 hours. Since she was 4 months old I haven’t needed to ever hold her off from eating for even a few minutes. I talked to my doctor and based on the way I personally do Babywise she assured me that it had nothing to do with my lack of milk.

And while we are setting records straight I want to say one thing about not co-sleeping. I read a blog post written by someone I don’t know who is an attachment parent. She was writing about how sad she is for babies who have to sleep in their own cribs and how she would hate to have to sleep alone. She talked about how when she gets scared from a dream she loves that she can reach out and touch her husband for comfort. I felt a little angry because I feel like she is really misinformed. Last night Elle woke up around 9 o’clock screaming bloody murder, I jumped up and ran to her bedroom, picked her up and rocked her until she was calm. Then I laid her down and without a peep she put herself back to sleep. Just because we don’t sleep with Ellery in our room doesn’t mean we are heartless monsters, I’m not saying anyone of you thinks that, I just had to get that off my chest because I was sad that some people might think that about mamas who don’t believe in co-sleeping.

So there you have my incredibly long list of things that hurt my milk, likely TMI, but oh we’ll. I’m happy to report we are on the upswing and it looks like I’ll be able to nurse until we are actually ready to give it up.

A Very Special Day

January 28, 2013

Today is a very special day. My best friend in the whole world was born on this day 27 years ago and I’m so thankful! So many people thought we’d never make it. We are opposites, and I’m not gonna lie we used to fight, kinda like sisters. But we’ve made it and she is my family. Ellery and all subsequent children will know her as Aunt Steph and they’ll probably always wonder exactly how we are related. This sweet friend of mine has been sharing her struggles with infertility over on her blog and through it all she handled my pregnancy with such grace and love I cannot even express to you what it meant to me. I can’t say I would have been as awesome as she was. She flew down here after Elle was born, bearing gifts, bought my weeks worth of groceries and cooked for us every night. I’ve shared most of my life with her. We stood beside each other as we married our sweet husbands, hugged and cried as I moved 1000 miles away and have some how managed to become closer as we’ve put miles between us. We’ve been there for each other on our best and worst days and I look forward to all our years ahead. My sweet friend Steph, you are simply the best! Happy birthday.

Here are a few blast from the past pictures, sorry for the picture quality, they are iPhone pictures of pictures.






I Have a Hobby!!

January 24, 2013

When you meet new people and they ask you what your hobbies are I always stand there with a dumb look on my face and then I stumble through a list of things I do. Um I blog? Is pinning on Pinterest a hobby? I play the piano, but that’s more my passion, not a casual hobby. So for Christmas I asked for a sewing machine. This feels like a full on hobby and I’m already having so much fun with it. Stephanie and I decided this year we’ll be doing a sewing project every month. Since we can’t be together at least we can do something together. That’s for another post and another series I’ll be calling Sewing with Steph. I’m waiting until she finishes hers and then I’ll post pictures. Andrew was in Albuquerque last night so I stayed up late and picked a project form my sewing board on Pinterest. I rummaged through my very small fabric stash and found everything I needed, except Velcro. I used the leftover fabric from Ellery’s nursery and got to work. I had no intention of finishing it last night, but I got on a roll. I grabbed the Velcro this mornings and finished during Elle’s mid morning nap.

I was inspired to make the Anywhere Chair.. The instructions were a little confusing for this beginner, but the pictures were very helpful. If you decide to do this project use common sense and don’t get too wrapped up in the instructions. Hers looks more professional, but I’m super satisfied how mine turned out. And I’m absolutely smitten with my model.


And mine too, but Elle’s name fits way better into the song.

How did our parents live without THESE swaddles? The Velcro is so nice to have and they are perfect for when they go to one arm and then no arms. We are to the point where I swaddle her under her armpits now and soon we’ll be done all together.

I have been loving these SOCKS since she was born. Makes you feel like you never need to put on shoes to finish an outfit. No need to buy these expensive trumpette ones, TJmaxx sells a much cheaper brand that are just as cute, maybe even cuter, baby basics I think is the brand we have.

THIS teething ring is the grand daddy teether. At least for our lady, she only likes this one.

We are loving BATHTUB books, but not in the bathtub. I love them because I can wash them often and when we have little friends over I know we can share them and wash them.

THIN WASHCLOTHS, I use nice thick ones for bath time, but the thin ones are perfect for cleaning up after meals.

On that note, get some SNAP BIBS. The Velcro ones ruin themselves and other laundry stuff.

We are in love with our EXCERSAUCER. I thought a lot about this when I was registering. I wanted one that had tons of different activities, but no batteries. I think there are so many stimulating toys out there that she needs some that require her to interact with them on her own. She really enjoys her time in the saucer, and I enjoy it too!

And I just realized how much better this post would have been with pictures, but I’m feeling a little lazy today so you’ll have to click on the links if you want to see the goods.

Minimize Clutter

January 22, 2013

Minimizing clutter is an ongoing project. I often ask myself if I will ever have a clutter free home, probably not. I don’t know how I have clutter because I have very little sentimental attachment to things, but somehow it creeps in and I constantly have to work on it. I needed to put something over our dresser. We have tall ceilings and a huge bedroom so our walls looked very naked. I don’t have a decorating budget so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. I went around my house, looked through boxes and closets and managed to create this collage wall and only spent $6 total to print one large photo and buy a tart pan on clearance for $2. Obviously I bought other things at other times, but for this actual project that’s all I spent. So not only did I finish my room, I also de-cluttered my closets!




6 Month Letter

January 21, 2013

My Teeny Tiny Ellery Wynn,

This has maybe been the toughest month yet. Also the most fun, funny how that works sometimes. You have become very tiny this month. We realized you were losing weight and took you to the doctor. Turns out you just don’t seem to eat enough and aren’t really that into nursing. There is a long list of reasons this has happened, but the important thing is we are now on the other side of this and you love food. It seems you especially love squash. I’m having a lot more fun making food than I thought I would and your faces are priceless. So far green beans win the award for funniest face, you are not a fan yet, we’ll keep trying. You are so much fun to be around! Your laugh is amazing, you smile all the time, you love to play and you are so curious. The way you explore things is very entertaining and I especially love the way you touch my face in absolute awe. The separation anxiety has begun. It’s not all the time, but you realize after about 15 minutes that I’m not there and you get very sad. This breaks my heart and fills it all at once. I love that I’m your person, but I hate that I can’t always be there for you. Luckily you did really well on our trip to see daddy’s family. You were miss congeniality even when 30 people crowded the house and passed you around! It wasn’t until the night before we left that you had a complete mommy melt down and needed lots of snuggle time. They just couldn’t get enough of your sweet self, it’s hard to live so far away. It especially stinks because you are not very fond of flying, your first flight was less than pleasant, but I can’t blame you, the conditions were less than ideal. You are my favorite baby in the history of babies. Your naps are too long and your awake time flies by, I just can’t get enough of you!!

Love you forever,


Weigh In

January 18, 2013

I’m not really sure if I could pull this off, but I’ve thought about it a lot and have wanted it for over a year. I’d have to look into how much it costs, but I am wondering your thoughts on this. If you know me I want to know if you think this would look good on me or if this would look totally out of character, like I’m trying to be someone I’m not. I would likely do them all smaller than this.


All is Well That Ends Well

January 16, 2013

Oh my, last Thursday was a bit stressful, a bit is actually under exaggerating the situation. It was horrible from start to finish. Ellery wasn’t napping, not totally sure why, but let’s just say at one point we worked on going to sleep for an hour. The problems seemed to compound throughout the day. First off we had the issue of painting the trim, I couldn’t paint Ellery’s room, but I was able to paint some of the door jams so we could rehang the doors when we got home, I did that during Ellery’s one good nap which means I didn’t really get around to packing like I had hoped. While I’m painting I was running the dryer, it smelled like I was grilling on a charcoal grill in my house. Apparently this happens when you paint with super strong paint fumes, who knew? Mix that with the smell of the spoiled chicken in my trash can and oil based paint and it’s enough to make you want to lose your lunch! During this time I called the medical supply company that I was waiting on a shipment from (this is a long story all in itself so that’s for another day) and I find out I’ve had people lying to me for the past week. I was so mad I just about couldn’t contain myself. Andrew comes home and informs me our flight has been pushed back two hours. So we are scheduled to board the plane at 8:35, perfect timing for a baby that goes to sleep by 7:30 every night, oh joy. This also means we’ll be getting to our destination at 1 IN THE MORNING!!

We board the plane, Ellery is loving all the people and looking around the plane. We take off and she cried pretty consistently for the first hour. The flight was turbulent for all, but 5 minutes, so we couldn’t stand up with her which made falling asleep really difficult. I knew we would have a challenge because she has the hardest time falling asleep while being held, she kept looking at me begging me to out her down , but there was nothing I could do about it. She was crying, I was crying and I’m pretty sure everyone else was cursing at us. I think at one point I told Andrew I never wanted to do this ever again, he reminded me that we would be doing it again in just a few short days and the flight would be an hour longer. To top it off this “daddy’s girl” decided she wanted nothing to do with Andrew the entire flight so every time he touched her she went hysterical which means both my arms were asleep basically the entire flight.

We land, hooray, and it was a direct flight so of course our luggage will be there, right? WRONG!! It’s now 1:30, I have a screaming baby in the car and a husband calling me letting me know that they lost MY BAG. My bag also means Ellery’s bag and because I’ve never done this I didn’t know I should mix the bags. So we get to the house around 2 AM, I have none of Ellery’s sleeping stuff and I have no underwear which really grosses me out after being on an airplane, I seriously needed a shower.

Somehow I kept it together and didn’t let it get me down nearly as much as I thought it would, all is well that ends well. We got our luggage the next day, Ellery stayed happy the whole trip despite the lack of sleep the first couple nights and because we were going to Nana’s house she had everything we needed for the first couple days. Overall a great trip, however I’m not eager to get on a plane with Ellery any time soon!!