Themed Christmas

December 11, 2012

My mom and I have tossed this idea around this year for years to come. My brother has put the big fat nix on this idea, but that doesn’t mean Andrew and I can’t do it with just our family. Themed Christmas gift giving. Each year we pick a different theme. Some thoughts are second hand Christmas where you can only buy gently used gifts from eBay, consignment or even gift something from your house. A TJMaxx Christmas, my parents would have a hay day doing this one. Charity Christmas where you don’t buy for each other, but donate things in honor of each other so perhaps buying animals through World Vision or toys for toys for tots or angel tree. Homemade Christmas, I think this would be really fun. I just think it would be nice to dial back Christmas a little bit and just enjoy the season. We cut back on spending considerably this year because of our birth expenses and me becoming a stay at home mom. For us it would be more fun if there wasn’t a spending expectation rather just a themed expectation. My mother-in-law started this for Christmas this year and I really like the simplicity of it!



What do you think, would it be fun or too restrictive?


2 Responses to “Themed Christmas”

  1. I like it! I get so overwhelmed trying to figure out “the perfect” gift for everyone. I think this would help me relax and have fun. I will have to run the idea by Blake for future Christmases. I’m just not sure how much I would have liked it as a kid, so, maybe I would make use of it for only the grown ups. But I really like the “four gift rule” idea for kids.

    • campbell2008 said

      I agree Lydia, it would be hard once they are school age. When they are little you could probably get away with handmade Christmas and TJMaxx Christmas. We plan to do the 4 gift rule with our kiddos.

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