December 10, 2012

So I am hesitant to tell you this because I want to win it, but Emily is giving away what she made this week, so check it. You could always gift it to me, well really Elle, if you win!

I’m kind of cheating this week because I made these last year for Christmas, but they are fun and almost free so I decided to share.

Here is the original pin

Here is my picture:


I saved my jelly, salsa and spaghetti jars for the month of November and bought the cheapest yarn I could find. I am saving the jars again this year and plan to make green ones for next Christmas season.

The other thing I did was made this recipe for baked ziti.

It looked delicious. Unfortunately I had to make some alterations and it didn’t taste so delicious. We only eat red meat once a week due to our cholesterol, so I used turkey, and Ellery can’t handle me eating onions so I had to take that out. It wasn’t bad, it was just bland and I do not intend to make it again. Mine did look pretty delicious though!


I have so many projects pinned that I’m hoping to get around to, thankful for this series so I can challenge myself to try some.


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