Call Me Old Fashioned

December 3, 2012

We put up our tree the other night. Andrew asked why we had a traditional tree instead of a fancy one. I believe a tree is for memory ornaments only. I honestly don’t see much of a point in putting up a tree just to decorate it with pretty things. Perhaps it’s because I’m not big on decorating for holidays or perhaps I’m just old fashioned. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at other people’s fancy trees, I just don’t foresee myself doing that. I love taking out each ornament and remembering who it was from and what the purpose of it was. I have ornaments on my tree that are older than my memories, I made them in preschool, but don’t remember it. My grandparents gave me an ornament every year from the time I was born. One side gave me angels and the other precious moments. Andrew and I started giving each other an ornament every year when we got married. We buy ornaments that represent how we viewed the year. One year he gave me an Illini football ornament because we had season tickets that year and went to every game. He gave me an airplane the year we travelled a bunch and so on. I bet you can guess what kind I’ll be looking for to give Andrew to represent this year! We you s memory tree or fancy tree person?



2 Responses to “Call Me Old Fashioned”

  1. Mom said

    The tree is beautiful! Can’t wait to see it in person:)

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