Becoming a Clean Freak

November 3, 2012

I am not a clean person.  Clean Freak would NEVER be a word anyone would use to describe me, but now I’m a stay at home mom and suddenly it is my job to keep my house clean.  My husband is the LEAST demanding person I know and he would likely never say anything to me about the cleanliness of the house or me not having showered before he gets home or dinner not being on the table.  I do think that being a stay at home mom is a job and therefore I have certain responsibilities between the hours of 9-5 besides taking care of our daughter.  Most people probably don’t know that I’m not clean because I’ve always strived to have a neat house and I LOVE to purge and organize, cleaning is a totally different ball game.  I didn’t realize the extent of my dirtiness until I started researching cleaning lists online and I realized just how much I don’t do!  So starting this week I’ve begun working on my daily, weekly, and monthly goals.  I also have quarterly and yearly checklists, but even just the weekly list is overwhelming to me, but I’m getting there.  I bought four Dollar Store award frames because they are the right size for printed pieces of paper.  I hung them in my laundry room and since they are glass they are basically like dry erase boards.  Still on my list for this week (which ended last night at 5:00) is cleaning the bathrooms.  My goal is to get to that today, I really need Andrew to watch Ellery while I clean her bathroom because the water is just too loud to run while she is sleeping.  The lists have been a great motivator so far, I love to be able to check stuff off my list and it really helps me to know what to do, I think cleaning has just overwhelmed me because I didn’t know where to start.  So I’m becoming a clean freak, I hope!  The goal is to have a clean house system by the time Ellery is crawling around because right now my floors are way too filthy for a baby.


One Response to “Becoming a Clean Freak”

  1. When you get your iPad… there’s an app that I’ve really liked with similar cleaning system format.
    You can set it up to fit what you do. Its pretty handy.

    I’ve found that I do best with cleaning if I don’t expect myself accomplish the same cleaning list every week, but instead kind of, almost spread the tasks out through the month. And having more compressive “tiny tasks” for my mornings and evenings. Like if you are worried about crawling through dirt, you can vacuum real quick just the main spots, every night and then one week a month can be focused on “deep” vacuuming, plus whatever else. That kinda thing.
    I do way better at sticking to it like that, anyway.
    Because I’m an all-or-nothing person, and I can’t ever do “all” with the more intense list.

    But I’m not an expert — I’m in the midst of getting back into this kind of thing now with two. Trying to figure out the new system. With babies everything is always changing.

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