It’s Barely Still Monday

October 22, 2012

I have a few random things I’ve tried from Pinterest over the last few weeks.  Pinned it Did it Mondays is such a great idea on Emily’s part.  It motivates me to do more than live a pretend life on Pinterest.  I have never washed my make up brushes.  Apparently you are supposed to do that like every month?  I have had these brushes for at least 7 years…yeah I know that’s really gross.  HERE is the original pin:

Wow I had no idea how much of a difference this would make.  They feel like brand new brushes and it was so gross how much stuff came out of these brushes.  I can pretty much guarantee you I will not do this every month, but I’m shooting for quarterly, we’ll see if I can keep that up.

Alright I feel like I shouldn’t even tell you about these.  They have 2 CUPS of brown sugar and a whole lot of butter!!!!  So bad for your body, so good for your taste buds.  Consider yourself warned, don’t make these if you have no self control or if you want to live a long and healthy life.  I will likely be making these for small group this week though because they were down right delicious! Snickerdoodle brownies:

And the last tip I got from Pinterest was to rub a dry bar of soap on a bug bite to take the itch away.  It works decently well, and it has come in handy too much this week!!  All pictures are from the original pins, my pictures were no bueno this week, click on the links or pictures to go to the pin and get the instructions.

I have so many thoughts to post about this week, but we’ll see how many I actually write down.  I’m trying to decide how much to sensor myself when it comes to politics, motherhood, etc.  Maybe I’ll just stay neutral and post some pictures of my house, I’ve had some people ask me to do that and my friend Lydia motivated me to do it before my house hits what I would consider “perfection.”  Thanks for coming back daily to read, makes me feel loved and connected to the outside world, especially when I don’t leave my home…which is pretty often these days!!


One Response to “It’s Barely Still Monday”

  1. Thanks for the idea! I washed my makeup brushes after your post…and OH MY were they disgusting. Ew. I can’t even believe how soft they are now! hah. Thanks for the good idea. 🙂

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