3 Month Letter

October 21, 2012

My Sweet Sweet Ellery Wynn,

You had a month of firsts, I’m sure that will happen a lot in this, your first year of life. Your first real laugh was so sweet. Of course you were laughing at the ceiling fan. The fan is your best friend and the fastest way to calm you down. My favorite first this month was sleeping through the night!! You started going to bed around 8:30 and then I feed you around 10:30 and you get up for the day around 7:00. It’s a very long time to be away from you, but getting a whole night of sleep is amazing! You started grabbing onto things. I really noticed how good your grasp was when you got a really good fist full of my hair! You found your voice this month and I love hearing you “talk”. You can lift your head up SO HIGH, and you are beginning to rock, rolling over will likely come soon. You have a strong startle reflex and we have made you cry many times on accident! When I look at you sometimes it hits me that you are ours, that you aren’t going anywhere and in the same instant it hits me that you aren’t really ours. You are on loan to us for your lifetime, you are really God’s and I pray that we can be the parents he wants us to be. It’s a lot of pressure to raise a child so when you are older and you realize all the ways we failed you please have grace for us. We love you more than we can express and I PROMISE you we are doing our absolute best!

Love you forever



2 Responses to “3 Month Letter”

  1. Amanda said

    Awwww so sweet!! Shelby is in love with the ceiling fan too … Sometimes I’m a little jealous of it 😉

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