I Don’t Want a Wakeup Call

October 2, 2012

Yesterday on the today show there was a woman who had a terrible fall and was seriously injured. She had a good portion of her skull removed and implanted in her stomach while her brain healed. She said it gave her new perspective on life. She doesn’t take the small things for granted anymore like making breakfast or taking her kids to school. You hear these stories all the time, near death experiences change you and you enjoy life so much more. I decided yesterday that I don’t want a wake up call. Instead I am deciding to not take life for granted, to enjoy the simple things, to cherish my child at each phase. Ellery is 100% capable of sleeping through the night, but she gets up at 4:00 and wants to comfort feed nearly every night. The doctor said I don’t really need to give it up until she is three months so I’m giving myself until then. I’m choosing to not be frustrated and I sit and soak in the sight of my little lady in the quiet dark of our house. Very soon she’ll be sleeping a 12 hour stretch and I know I will miss her so I’m living in the moment for now. I’m trying to enjoy the diaper changes, the cries, the spitting up, trying to love all of it because I see parenthood as a privilege and I don’t want a wake up call to enjoy my life the exciting and the mundane!


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