Family Date Nights

September 30, 2012

Andrew and I have started family date nights. We do this about every other Friday and then Andrew and I go out the other weekends by ourselves. For family nights we pick someplace cheap to go, we spend about $10 for the whole evening. The first time we went out we went to Freddy’s which is a fast food place where we got buy one get one free meals. Then we went to Target to buy baby wipes and got a free redbox (thank you pinterest codes!) and cookie dough from Papa Murphy’s. This week we had a free birthday pasta bowl at Noodles and Co. We went to dinner and then to kohls to use a $10 coupon. So our whole evening cost us $9 including the kohls purchase. I know, it sounds super exciting! The point is we get ready and we go out as a family. We are setting aside intentional time to spend together and our hope is to do this as our kids grow up. It’s also fun for me to get a little dressed up and dress up Ellery to go out. I really don’t care if I’m overdressed, I’m dressing up for my husband and people can stare if they must. The other amazing thing about date nights, NO DISHES!!! When Ellery actually eats our date nights will change to go wherever kids eat free. If you don’t already do so I encourage you to go on dates, alone and as a family. You won’t regret it.

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