2 Month Letter

September 21, 2012

My Dearest Ellery Wynn,

I wiped your first tears this month. I’m sure it was the first of many I will wipe over your lifetime. I hope we can share more tears of joy than tears of sadness, but life is unpredictable and there are no guarantees on that. I experienced my first feelings of mommy guilt this month and it is absolutely awful. Your baby monitor died in the night and I worry that you were crying and I didn’t hear you. When I woke up the next morning you were a happy baby and daddy assures me you are just fine, I hope this didn’t scar you! I also experienced my first mommy pride moment when you turned your head for the first time during tummy time around 5 weeks. You are sleeping through the night according to the books, a 5 hour stretch consistently and sometimes you go 7! You started this around 6 weeks and it is really nice to only get up once in the night, typically around 4:00AM. You moved to your crib at 5 weeks and the first night you didn’t go to sleep until 6AM, we were worried you wouldn’t like sleeping in your crib, but the next night you slept like a champ. You hate reading books, it’s actually quite comical because you’ll be totally happy until I open the cover and then you start screaming. I really hope this changes! You love music and I try to play the piano and sing to you often. Your “magic song” that calms you down every time is daughters by John Mayer. You are such a delight! Aunt Stephanie came for a visit, she said I make motherhood look easy, you my sweet girl make it easy. I love being your mama.

Love you forever!


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