Because I’m Now An Expert

August 24, 2012

HAHA totally kidding, but I was asked to write a post about my favorite baby/mama items because my friends are pregnant and getting ready to register so this post covers everything from bathtubs to bras.

This is our baby bathtub and I love it.  Unfortunately it appears it isn’t available anymore.  It’s my brother and sister-in-laws tub so they purchased it almost 4 years ago.  You might be able to find it on craigslist though so I thought I’d show it to you anyway.  Two things make this tub awesome.  The built in thermometer and the two section tub.  The thermometer gives a constant temperature and goes from blue to green to red to indicate the perfect temperature range.  The two sections mean you can use clean water to rinse the shampoo out.  There are quite a few thermometer tubs available on Amazon.

Mom’s One Line a Day.  I got this book as a shower gift and I know I’ll be glad I did this over the first 5 years of her life.  So far I’ve kept up on it, but she is only 5 weeks old, 5 years is a long time.

Baby Momo Burp Cloths.  They are a convenient size, cute, wash well, and I love the one side chenille and one side cloth.  If you can sew, just make some, but since I can’t I buy them from her.

Breathing Monitor.  I would sacrifice buying a swing or bouncy seat or baby carrier in order to have one of these.  They do have cheaper versions, but this is the one we have.  It gives me tons of peace of mind.  Baby’s cough and gag and make all sorts of noises in the night and the little green blinking light that shows me she’s breathing is awesome!  They also have monitors and breathing pads all in one. I know Angel Care makes one.

Huggies natural newborn with umbilical cord cutout.  I preferred these over the pampers because the umbilical cord cutout was better in my opinion.

Nursing Bags.  If you have a medela pump these bags are amazing.  You can pump right into them instead of having to pump into a bottle and then transfer it over to freeze.  They are a little pricey so be sure to register for a few boxes.

Dad don’t click on these links…these are the bras that I have and that’s just weird, haha.  I have two of these and really like them.  This is my favorite sleeping nursing bra.  I have one of these tanks and wish I had 5, but seeing as they are $45 that isn’t going to happen!

I also love my baby book, swing, bouncy seat, bassinet, and monitor, but I have a sleeping baby and am in need of a shower so it’ll have to be another day!


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