Because All My Friends Are Having Girls

August 20, 2012

This list makes me cry everytime I read it, I thought it was just the pregnancy hormones, but I read it again today and I cried even harder so it’s just from being a mom.  I am so blessed to be married to an awesome man who will be an incredible dad to our daughter.  I was going to tell which numbers I really love, but honestly I can’t choose.  I will say #14 won’t be chucks, she’ll be rockin the topsiders.  37 and 38 are pretty awesome.  And how true is #50, I can’t read that one without getting grossly choked up!

When I say all my friends are having girls I am not overstating this.  In our small group, I just had a girl, AS had one the next Saturday.  KH is due anyday with a little lady and JH and CD are due with girls on the same day, December 30th!  It’s a wild year and I’m so blessed to be in this group with these couples and experiencing this part of our life together.


One Response to “Because All My Friends Are Having Girls”

  1. AS said

    Hubby sent me a link to that list and I was bawling and have been sniffling ever since. So blessed to be in this journey with a man who takes being a daddy to a little girl seriously… and joyfully.

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