Two Weeks

August 5, 2012

Yesterday marked two weeks that our sweet Ellery has been with us.  I’ve been a little MIA which is to be expected I guess.  As odd as it is to suddenly be a parent, it is so incredibly normal at the same time.  I’ve been hesitant to post anything about our daily life because I don’t want to jinx anything, but I don’t want life to go by without recording things so I guess I’ll take my chances.

I recovered extremely quickly from the C-section.  Within a week I felt pretty good and now I’m only taking 4 Ibuprofen a day as opposed to 12.  I feel mostly emotionally back to normal.  I was really concerned about postpartum, but since I basically had postpartum my whole pregnancy I went back to normal as soon as she arrived.  I’ve had a few teary moments, I blame it on the hormones, but I am realizing it might just come with the territory of being a mom.  Don’t talk to me about Elle growing up because I will cry!

We are much more rested than we expected.  While our little lady isn’t sleeping through the night she sure is a good sleeper.  The first few nights frightened us, but then she figured out when it’s dark out we sleep.  And here is where I give unsolicited advice.  If you are having a baby and someone volunteers to come stay with you to help out, TAKE THE HELP!  The first week we utilized my mom a ton.  Andrew and I slept as much as possible and if I wasn’t feeding her I was sleeping and letting someone else watch her.  This set me up to be in good shape for week number two and I’ve only had my mom help a couple times in the night or morning so I could sleep.  I either wake Ellery up every 3/3.5 hours or she wakes up in that time frame.  Yes I know everyone hates me right now.  This means we are usually up at 1:30 and 4:30 or somewhere close to that, I haven’t pushed a schedule yet, I know that’s a huge shocker to most!

Nursing has been going great in most people’s opinion, but to me it’s been tough.  Our sweetie will only eat for 15 minutes max.  I try to get her 10 on one side, 5 on the other, but that doesn’t always work.  She is then content for 2.5 to 3 hours and occasionally wants to go 4 hours.  I know I’m living the nursing dream, but because the books tell me to nurse 40 minutes it has really stressed me out. She is supposed to gain an ounce a day and she is gaining close to 3 a day so I know I shouldn’t be worried, but I am a rules follower and hoped for a “textbook baby,”  instead I got an angel baby and I’ve somehow managed to complain about that.

I officially have the best job ever!  We love being parents.  We are grossly smitten with this little girl and I am forcing myself to try and not get too attached.  It was my goal from day one to keep Andrew a priority and in order to do this I have been forcing myself to leave her.  I left her twice the first week with Andrew to run a couple errands and then I’ve gone out a couple times with Andrew and left her with my mom.  It’s been hard to leave her, but I’m glad I am doing it anyway.  I seriously want to sit and stare at her all day everyday, but that’s not practical so I’m trying to strike a good balance.

We have a smiley baby.  An alert baby. A baby who wasn’t so sure what she thought about baths at first.  A projectile pooping baby.  A sweet baby.  And we couldn’t be happier!


One Response to “Two Weeks”

  1. I think Ellery is nursing just right. 40 mins at a time sounds like eternity! (And I read a lot of books on nursing, and don’t remember any of them saying that as a guideline.) When I was at the hospital and nursing clinic, they really stressed doing only one side per feeding (especially if baby falls asleep at the breast, because when they do that they are satisfied) because then you make sure they are getting the hind milk.(but if you switch, baby might be missing that part.)

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