Things I Wish I had Known

July 31, 2012

This post is all about things I wish someone had told me about having a c-section.  However I don’t know if I would have really listened because a c-section isn’t really something you plan for.  I hope this post finds just the right people to encourage and help them recover from this surgery.

– Take the underwear, take as much of those mesh panties as you can get your hands on.  You will want NOTHING touching that incision for at least a week.  I’m on day ten and still don’t want anything touching it.  If you are grossed out by these things buy some very high waisted undies before going to the hospital so you have something to wear that doesn’t rub you the wrong way.  Another tip the nurse gave me, wear a maxi pad, soft pad side on your incision in your underwear, it gives extra cushion and makes you feel less worried about something bumping it.

– You just had major abdominal surgery.  You will hit a point when you get home, probably around day 3, that you will cry because you cannot be the mom you pictured.  This passes very quickly.  Andrew had to lift me out of bed the first 4 days and the fact that I had to be taken care of when my greatest desire was to take care of my precious little one was hard to cope with.  On the up side this surgery gave Andrew purpose and he was much more involved in the night time feedings than I ever expected.  He became a champion diaper changer from the first diaper on because I just couldn’t get up to do it.

– When the doctor tells you to take the steri-strips off at one week, TAKE THEM OFF.  I waited just one more day because they acted like they were going to curl up and fall off and I cannot even tell you how bad my body smelled.  Also as soon as you take them off, hop in the shower…trust me!

– When you leave the hospital and your belly looks EXACTLY the same as it did when you got there, don’t panic.  I literally looked the same and my stomach was just as hard as it was when I got to the hospital.  This changes rather quickly.  You are pumped with fluid and gas so the “bread dough” stomach people talk about does not apply to you.  One morning you will likely wake up and your stomach will have gone from a 9 month belly to something that resembles a 4 month tummy.  Don’t even try to wear a belly bandit until this happens, it is not worth it, belly bandit time will come soon enough.

– Stay on top of your pain meds.  I never filled the pain pills, but I did take the Ibuprofen every 6 hours.  If I missed a dose I started feeling pretty bad.  The pain pills help with nursing pain too so set a timer and take them.

– If you didn’t have cankles before, you do now.  And yowzas they are uncomfortable.  I thought mine were bad during pregnancy, I was wrong.  I am on day 10 post surgery and they just started going down.

-Last, but certainly not least.  When you are feeling discouraged that you have an incision on your stomach and you are in pain.  You don’t have stitches down under, you don’t have the roids, you have substantially lighter bleeding, and you likely won’t be peeing your pants anytime soon.  There are pros and cons to both ways of getting baby out so don’t think the grass is greener on the other side!

Oh and Remember you got one of THESE out of the whole ordeal!


One Response to “Things I Wish I had Known”

  1. I thought about writing one of these type posts too. Its interesting to see what you said comparatively. All the same idea, but a little different take.
    –I tried to keep my underwear lower than my incision (I was just realizing a way I could have sewed a little alteration tuck to help with that.)
    –I was actually told to take the steri-strips off in the shower at the hospital.
    — I WISH my belly looked the same as it had when leaving! The first time I saw myself in the mirror I was shocked! I had a strange combo of: big from the air and fluids, yet smooshy and doughy, all while my lose skin hung over my incision. I thought that it was so extreme that it would surely be permanent, I seriously started telling myself how it was ok if it always looked that way— it wasn’t permanent. But I think I had to be more patient with my post-c-section belly than most women with post vaginal-birt-belly. But eventually it did go back to pretty much pre-baby (c-section or no, I don’t think it’s ever exactly the same.)
    — Yes to the cankles! Holy Cow!
    –Yes to all the rest.
    And yes to, I wish I would have know before hand, but also yes I don’t think I would have listened!

    — I also wished I had a million nursing friendly dresses available. Since pretty much all my dresses that would fit couldn’t be nursed in. And dresses were the only thing I could wear — pants like underwear, not fun!

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