The Hunger Olympics

July 30, 2012

Andrew has never watched the Olympics.  He didn’t grow up watching them and he just doesn’t quite understand our families love of the games.  Every four years for two weeks in the summer our family sat fixated on the T.V. cheering on the United States.  In fact I liked the Olympics so much I had an Olympic themed birthday party one year complete with an Olympic rings cake, events and a medal ceremony.  Four years ago Andrew and I were getting ready to say I do so we didn’t prioritize the Olympics and Andrew somehow missed them.  Since we are basically home bound right now we have been catching a lot of the games and Andrew is getting into them much more than he would like to admit.

Friday night we watched the opening ceremony and Andrew couldn’t believe how similar the ceremony was to the Hunger Games.  He kept saying, “I can’t believe it, this is essentially the hunger games.”  I continued to remind him that this was not a fight to the death, but I do see his point.  Obviously the Olympics have been around for MUCH longer than this book series, but there were a few things that were creepily similar to this popular fiction.  The kids lighting the torch at the end in all black.  I mean come on all black outfits, blazing fire.  Andrew and I were just waiting for their outfits to burst into flames.  The fact that all those kids were under 18 and they were the main event/one of the most anticipated things of the night.  Then to make it just a little bit more like the hunger games each of these “tributes” had “sponsors.”  Hmm anyone else find this a little odd?  Clearly the Hunger Games was loosely based off the Olympic Games, but the opening ceremony director may have taken a few cues from the books.

Hope you are enjoying the games this year.  I’m really looking forward to the gymnastics finals.  What event do you anticipate watching every 4 years?


One Response to “The Hunger Olympics”

  1. Gabe said

    We do nothing but watch the Olympics when they’re on! Love them so much that for my 30th birthday, I want to go to the games in Rio!

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