Here We Go

July 19, 2012

In 6 hours we’ll be checked in and the ball will be rolling. Hard to believe the last nine months (well less than that I guess) will be ending this weekend. I haven’t enjoyed the last nine months, but I can almost guarantee you I would do it all over again if it meant I didn’t have to endure the labor, delivery, and physical aftermath of the birth. Part of me thinks that the reason I’m not dreading labor as much as I could be is because Andrew and I are looking at it as a way to “get me back.” I have very much not felt like myself at all since I got pregnant and we’re hoping that when I heal I’ll be back to having the personality I had prior to pregnancy. I’m less nervous than I thought I would be, but today I had a moment where I just had this overwhelming feeling of “oh my I don’t want to do this!”

As promised here is my prayer list: DISCLAIMER: I know that some of these are “impossible,” but I figure nothing is impossible with God so if I want to ask for it then I should. Wouldn’t it be cool if His Kingdom came down in my room for our birth? So please know that you don’t have to comment and tell me that it won’t happen, I’m not going in with unrealistic expectations, I’m just going in expecting that God is bigger than this obstacle so I might as well ask for what I really want, and then I will accept whatever happens in the end!

Please pray…

-That the pill that they administer through the night will work to get my labor going and Pitocin will not be necessary.

-That I will be able to relax through the contractions so I don’t hinder the progress and it will be less painful

-That Andrew will know just what I need and how to help me. I have no idea what I want him to do so it’s hard to prepare that, but I would love for him to have a knowing of what to do.

-That I can stay focused and take one contraction at a time. Panic is something that tends to take over my body when I’m in a painful or sick situation that I feel out of control of. So this one is really about rebuking panic for me.

-That I would not have a blood pressure issue. If my blood pressure is too high I have to have an IV medication that makes you sick to your stomach, this would really stink!

-That our precious little lady would do well during this whole ordeal, that her heart rate will stay where it needs to be and that she will turn and face my back when it’s time to come out…this has been one of my fears because my mom had two of us facing the wrong direction which made our entrance into the world a little more difficult.

-That I wouldn’t tear, yes I know most people tear, I had a dream the other night that I didn’t and it made all the difference in the recovery. I’m hoping that because she’ll be a little peanut I might not. Or really that God is just THAT good to me tomorrow!

-That I would be able to have as natural a birth as possible and while you’re praying for that you might as well pray that it’s painless. I heard from a friend that her midwife prayed for a painless birth and claims that she really did have one. Pray Big Right??

I’ll leave you with this last thought. Andrew and I have been talking about what birth would have been like before Eve decided she wanted everything. I’m thinking babies were perfectly healthy and ready to come out around 3 pounds. Morning sickness didn’t exist and pregnancy lasted about half as long. When it was time to deliver your baby your water broke to warn you the babe was coming, your body would painlessly dilate to 20 cm and then you would lay down, let out one little push about the size of a sneeze and your sweet little baby would be born. Then there would be no healing afterwards…thanks Eve!


3 Responses to “Here We Go”

  1. lol. yeah thanks, Eve.
    Just so you know, I don’t think any of your requests are impossible. So I will be praying for them all for you!
    God is going to reveal himself to you in such an amazing way!

  2. I don’t think any of them are impossible, either! Praying for you!!

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