Baby Posts Taking Over

July 18, 2012

Just for this week expect lots of posts about Ellery, labor, delivery, my feelings about it all, and also expect me to be missing a little bit!  I promise once this crazy stage of my life regulates a bit I’ll be back to my regular posting of random tidbits.

For those of you who aren’t my Facebook friends I am sorry I forgot to tell you I’m having a baby on Friday.  3 weeks early to the day so technically she’ll be full term.  Yesterday I had a doctor appointment and here is what we found out.  Ellery is doing great!  She is moving around a bunch, she is heads down, her heart beat is just how it should be.  My Doctor’s words were,”Your baby is doing great, it’s you I’m worried about, but she is ready to come out.”  Her weight estimate is 6lbs 10 oz.

Here’s how I’m doing:  Physically here are the stats so if you’re weirded out by knowing my progression you’ll just want to skip down a bit.  I’ve been having some contractions, no more than maybe 6 in an hour and they are the preterm contractions.  I am 80% effaced and 1.5 centimeters.  Not real thrilled about the 1.5 centimeters, but the 80% effaced is great news.  The Doctor says this is further along than most people who are at this point.  No idea what station I’m at, I’m guessing I’m not very far along in this department because I don’t feel like she is down in there and engaged at all.

Here’s how I’m doing emotionally:  surprisingly well.  I’m shocked at how calm I’m feeling about this.    I’ve reached the point where I’m just really excited for her to be here and I’m looking forward to being done with this pregnancy.  We went to our birth class last night and watched several different people have a natural birth on video.  This was pretty empowering because even though they were all in terrible pain, they were still all able to make it through and talked positively about their experience afterward.  I love that there is a plan, this makes me feel really positive, even though induction wasn’t my first choice it has been good for my mind to know when and how this is all going to begin.  Andrew and I were talking last night and we were both feeling relieved that we will not be going to the hospital with false alarms.  I’m also really glad I’m being induced so I can stop worrying about the symptoms of pre-eclampsia.  Like today I got a headache and then watched the clock knowing if it persisted too long I would have to go to the hospital.  When I have pains in my stomach I have to decide whether or not it’s the kind I’m supposed to go to the hospital for or just contractions, so far they have just been contractions.  I pretty much can’t imagine going weeks like this so I’m happy that it’s only another day.

And here is how we’re going to get this show on the road.  Tomorrow night we are going in at 10 PM to get the ball rolling.  They insert a pill in my nether regions every four hours throughout the night as I attempt to sleep while my body progresses to 4 centimeters and 100% effaced.  My doctor will come see me at 6 AM to see where I’m at and if labor hasn’t begun on it’s own I’ll be started on pitocin.  I’m REALLY hoping the pitocin will not be needed, according to my doctor I have a 50/50 chance and according to the nurse I will definitely need the pitocin, I’m hoping my doctor is correct!  My doctor’s best guess is I’ll have a baby by dinner time.  I made her promise me I will be leaving the hospital this weekend with a baby and she told me there was NO WAY we would not have this baby out because medically my body can’t handle this much longer.

Last night after the tour of the hospital I felt really good.  I got to ask all my questions and they were all answered in the way I was hoping, but wasn’t planning they would be as accommodating as I had hoped.  For example, they let you push in whatever position you feel comfortable in until the doctor comes in at the end.  They also leave you alone a lot which I was really hoping for.  The only bummer is that because of my condition I have to wear monitors that prevent me from moving more than 5 feet so walking is out for me.  She did say if the baby was looking great I might be able to labor in the shower for 15 minutes or so.  We’ll see what I feel like doing when I’m actually in excruciating pain.

This post has gotten much longer than I had planned.  Tomorrow I plan to post specific things for my prayer warrior friends to be lifting us up about.  Until then I’m running off to purchase the last minute things, finish the laundry, make all the lists for my mom for when she arrives on Friday and rechecking my hospital bag because I think I’m missing some stuff!  Tomorrow I’ll try to post a picture so you can see me on my last day of pregnancy.


2 Responses to “Baby Posts Taking Over”

  1. 1.5 is good! That’s basically what I was at with J at 42 weeks. And I was able to fully dilate with her induction! And 80% is awesome!
    Spending tons of time on your hands and knees is supposed to help the baby get down low into your pelvis, and in the best position possible. It would be good to do as much as possible today and tomorrow morning. (I would stack pillows up on my bed and rest my chest on them and read or watch movies like that.) (Sorry I am probably getting annoying!)

  2. Ellen said

    I was induced with Ethan. I will be praying!

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