One Month OR One Week to Go!

July 15, 2012

Friday marked one month until my due date.  I have an appointment every Friday and this week I had some surprising news.  I had been feeling kind of crappy and felt especially terrible on Friday so when I went to my appointment I felt like I was going to burst into tears.  I got on the scale and was once again shocked by the number.  Up until one month ago I had the perfect weight gain going, and then suddenly when I should be “slowing down,” bam I gain 10 pounds in one month and can’t figure out what in the world I’m doing differently that I’m gaining that much!  It had been weeks since I’ve seen my actual doctor and I was tired of the other doctors not really understanding that something was off with me.  As soon as my doctor saw me she could tell something was off.  She gave my legs one look, touched them (leaving finger indentations on them), and started asking me questions that the answers were all yes to.  Headaches, yes.  Nausea, yes.  Elevated blood pressure, yes.  And whoa nelly a 10 pound weight gain in one month, she looked at me and said,” well I can tell that’s mostly water.”

And here is why I love my doctor…in a VERY calm manner she said, “how would you feel about having some blood work done today?”  Of course my answer was sure and then she informed me I’d be peeing in a jug for 24 hours as well.  Then she relatively non-chalantly said, “We might be having a baby next Friday.”  Her explanation was these signs are your bodies way of saying it’s done being pregnant and this baby needs to come out.  So tomorrow is the day, I’ll find out by 5:00 if we’ll be meeting our little sweet pea next weekend.

Here are the positive things about this:  My doctor is on call this whole weekend so she would deliver me and do the check up and discharge.  She is my favorite doctor I’ve ever had and I would love for her to be there with me.  The other upside is I would be getting rid of this water retention and blood pressure issue.  I know I’d be trading these things for other sickness, but I would at least be able to see the end in sight!  As much as I want my little sweetie to be safe and healthy it would be pretty awesome to meet her this weekend, it’s feeling pretty real now and we have mostly everything ready and I would have 4 days to finish up.  I’m a planner so it would be pretty amazing to know that Friday was the day!

There are a lot of negatives and I’m not going to get into those thoughts and I don’t need anyone to tell me all the negatives about being induced.  I have to accept the things I cannot change.  I trust my doctor so whatever she calls and tells me tomorrow will be the news I will have to accept.  I’ll let you know as soon as I do.  So I either have a week or a month with these:

2 Responses to “One Month OR One Week to Go!”

  1. Jill said

    Praying that you have an easy and healthy delivery–whenever it is!!

  2. Cathy V said

    I believe you will do great. Two of our kids were induced and had easy delivery with both. Babies and me healthy. God has his plans for you and can be trusted.

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