Hidden Treasures

July 11, 2012

A few weeks ago Andrew and I cleaned out the nursery closet so it could be rebuilt.  There has been a tote on the top shelf since we moved in that I never bothered to open because Andrew had labeled the box Hummels and ornaments.  Clearly this would lead me to believe there were Hummels in there and I definitely wasn’t going to display them.  For some reason we decided to open the box and we unearthed some hidden treasures from my grandparent’s house.  When my parents had their estate sale they let us pick what we wanted and these are the things I chose.

This little gem is an antique dog clock. I would have it working except it ticks SO LOUD Andrew and I can’t stand it. So it just sits all cute next to our television. My brother was so mad that I ended up with this thing!

The neon yellow glass stand was used as a gum stand at some sort of mercantile shop, I’m in love with the color!! And the little blue hobnail bud vase is just one piece of many glass items my grandparents had around their house, they were collectors, there was a lot of glassware in their house!

My grandma had these cake stands before they were the “in thing” to have. They make me want to bake a cake just so I can use them!

My Grandparents used these in their bathroom and filled them with assorted soaps. I have NO IDEA what to put in them. They are on our dresser, any ideas??

One Response to “Hidden Treasures”

  1. Amanda said

    Ooooh apothecary jars! I heart apothecary jars! Do you want something useful to put in them, or just anything? I have some in my bath with oatmeal bath, scented epsom salts, and one with a blend of herbs that looks pretty (but that can be boiled for a “tea” for my hair). Tiny shells, pearl beads (oooh, mixed with something to compliment that brown would be nice), seasonal candies/mints/tiny items … sand … scrabble letters … buttons …

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