Random Thoughts on a Monday Morning

July 9, 2012

-Why in the world am I wide awake at 5:00 AM??

– How many times did I get up to pee last night?  The answer must be a lot because I clogged the toilet with tissue from all my trips in the night (I don’t flush at night because I’d hate to wake the Mr)

-I hate that I feel like the Today show has the power to ruin my morning.  I grew up watching the Today show, can’t imagine not eating breakfast with it, but I unfortunately can’t stand Savannah.  I want to like her, I’m really happy for her that she got her dream job, but I haven’t liked her since she started doing the 9 o’clock slot.  Everytime I would catch her on the show I’d text my parents and ask why in the world she has that job?  I think NBC made a big mistake with their choice, but it really shouldn’t bother me as much as it does.  I wanted to try to change to Good Morning America, but that channel cuts in and out on our antennae.  So for now I’ll try to acclimate.  What a “first world problem,” what’s wrong with me?

– There are things in my refrigerator that will expire on or after my due date.  Wowzas, our little lady will be here soon.

– It’s raining and is supposed to continue all week and it’s not supposed to hit 100 this week either.  This is good news for a very pregnant woman!

– I think it’s so odd that the news people in Austin call the 100 degrees the century mark.  They say cheesy dumb things like, “it looks like we may be hitting the century mark today.”  Uh ok, why not call it triple digits or just 100 degrees?

-My last thought on this Monday morning: when can I squeeze in a nap??


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