This post is all about things I wish someone had told me about having a c-section.  However I don’t know if I would have really listened because a c-section isn’t really something you plan for.  I hope this post finds just the right people to encourage and help them recover from this surgery.

– Take the underwear, take as much of those mesh panties as you can get your hands on.  You will want NOTHING touching that incision for at least a week.  I’m on day ten and still don’t want anything touching it.  If you are grossed out by these things buy some very high waisted undies before going to the hospital so you have something to wear that doesn’t rub you the wrong way.  Another tip the nurse gave me, wear a maxi pad, soft pad side on your incision in your underwear, it gives extra cushion and makes you feel less worried about something bumping it.

– You just had major abdominal surgery.  You will hit a point when you get home, probably around day 3, that you will cry because you cannot be the mom you pictured.  This passes very quickly.  Andrew had to lift me out of bed the first 4 days and the fact that I had to be taken care of when my greatest desire was to take care of my precious little one was hard to cope with.  On the up side this surgery gave Andrew purpose and he was much more involved in the night time feedings than I ever expected.  He became a champion diaper changer from the first diaper on because I just couldn’t get up to do it.

– When the doctor tells you to take the steri-strips off at one week, TAKE THEM OFF.  I waited just one more day because they acted like they were going to curl up and fall off and I cannot even tell you how bad my body smelled.  Also as soon as you take them off, hop in the shower…trust me!

– When you leave the hospital and your belly looks EXACTLY the same as it did when you got there, don’t panic.  I literally looked the same and my stomach was just as hard as it was when I got to the hospital.  This changes rather quickly.  You are pumped with fluid and gas so the “bread dough” stomach people talk about does not apply to you.  One morning you will likely wake up and your stomach will have gone from a 9 month belly to something that resembles a 4 month tummy.  Don’t even try to wear a belly bandit until this happens, it is not worth it, belly bandit time will come soon enough.

– Stay on top of your pain meds.  I never filled the pain pills, but I did take the Ibuprofen every 6 hours.  If I missed a dose I started feeling pretty bad.  The pain pills help with nursing pain too so set a timer and take them.

– If you didn’t have cankles before, you do now.  And yowzas they are uncomfortable.  I thought mine were bad during pregnancy, I was wrong.  I am on day 10 post surgery and they just started going down.

-Last, but certainly not least.  When you are feeling discouraged that you have an incision on your stomach and you are in pain.  You don’t have stitches down under, you don’t have the roids, you have substantially lighter bleeding, and you likely won’t be peeing your pants anytime soon.  There are pros and cons to both ways of getting baby out so don’t think the grass is greener on the other side!

Oh and Remember you got one of THESE out of the whole ordeal!


The Hunger Olympics

July 30, 2012

Andrew has never watched the Olympics.  He didn’t grow up watching them and he just doesn’t quite understand our families love of the games.  Every four years for two weeks in the summer our family sat fixated on the T.V. cheering on the United States.  In fact I liked the Olympics so much I had an Olympic themed birthday party one year complete with an Olympic rings cake, events and a medal ceremony.  Four years ago Andrew and I were getting ready to say I do so we didn’t prioritize the Olympics and Andrew somehow missed them.  Since we are basically home bound right now we have been catching a lot of the games and Andrew is getting into them much more than he would like to admit.

Friday night we watched the opening ceremony and Andrew couldn’t believe how similar the ceremony was to the Hunger Games.  He kept saying, “I can’t believe it, this is essentially the hunger games.”  I continued to remind him that this was not a fight to the death, but I do see his point.  Obviously the Olympics have been around for MUCH longer than this book series, but there were a few things that were creepily similar to this popular fiction.  The kids lighting the torch at the end in all black.  I mean come on all black outfits, blazing fire.  Andrew and I were just waiting for their outfits to burst into flames.  The fact that all those kids were under 18 and they were the main event/one of the most anticipated things of the night.  Then to make it just a little bit more like the hunger games each of these “tributes” had “sponsors.”  Hmm anyone else find this a little odd?  Clearly the Hunger Games was loosely based off the Olympic Games, but the opening ceremony director may have taken a few cues from the books.

Hope you are enjoying the games this year.  I’m really looking forward to the gymnastics finals.  What event do you anticipate watching every 4 years?

Our Birth Story

July 27, 2012

Not even quite sure where to begin with this.  I don’t want to bore you with the details, I don’t want to forget any moment, but at the same time there are a lot of things I’d like to forget so someday I will do this again.  It wasn’t what we wanted, it wasn’t what we planned, but it’s what we got so here it is.

Thursday night we checked in at 10PM to begin the induction.  I intended to sleep through the beginning and let my body work, I was sorely mistaken.  They inserted the first pill and within an hour I was having so many contractions they couldn’t administer another dose.  I had contractions the entire night and was feeling very hopeful.  It didn’t even bother me that I hadn’t slept a wink.  My doctor arrived the next morning around 6 and checked me…I had NO PROGRESS.  She was shocked by how many contractions I had without any results.  At this point the contractions were at a level 1 or 2 in pain.

Next medical intervention was a fully bulb.  If you are ever offered one of these I would suggest getting an epidural before they insert it if you are allowed.  The purpose of this little contraption is to get you dilated to a 4 and get your contractions into active labor.  It did the trick and I was at a four within a couple hours and my contractions were getting strong.  Still not regular, but contraction pain was about a 3 or 4, fully bulb pain was a different story.  Andrew and I figured out our labor groove at this point and concentrated on breathing through the contractions and relaxing to let my body do the labor.  I won’t describe this portion because it’s graphic and disgusting, but I will say at the end of this I was in tears and it was a huge relief when it finally came out!

Yay I’m in labor, right? Wrong!  So my doctor comes in and gives me the choice, break my water or Pitocin?  Since I’d heard from everyone that Pitocin was the drug of the devil I chose breaking my water.  This was one of my favorite parts of labor.  I know that’s weird, but after the pain I was in from the bulb as gross as this is the warm water was a welcomed surprise.  This pretty much stopped my contractions so I took some time to relax, I think I napped for 20 minutes, and waited for the Pitocin that I knew was coming soon.

Medical intervention number four…Pitocin.  The devil’s drug, pretty much sums it up.  Very unnatural to get your contractions going like this and every 30 minutes they up the dose.  Pitocin started with a pain of a 4 or 5 and for the first time in my life I can honestly tell you I know what my 10 is.  Every time they would do pain checks they would ask what my level was and I told them I didn’t know because I didn’t know what my 10 would be.  After Elle was born I told my doctor that if she ever asked me what my pain level was I could accurately tell her because I’m aware of a 10 level pain.  At the point that they had upped the Pitocin 12 times (minimum, I didn’t keep total track), I was definitely hitting my threshold of pain and was hoping I was nearing the end.  However I watched the monitor and knew that I wasn’t.  They also kept telling me I would feel pressure if I was getting close and I never had that sensation.  I was so discouraged at this point.  I didn’t let my doctor check me until she insisted because I knew it was pointless.  Andrew and I talked before she came in at 11PM and decided that if I was still a 6 which is what I was 3 hours earlier we were getting the epidural.  At this point I had been in labor for 24 hours and hadn’t slept in 40 hours.  My doctor came in, checked and I was exactly a 6.  Without hesitation I ordered the epidural.  I felt good about this decision because my doctor and I talked and we thought that it may relax me enough to get me to complete and this way I could sleep before needing to push.

Medical intervention number five…epidural.  This was something I NEVER wanted.  By the time I got the epidural I had already done 4 other medical interventions that I didn’t want to do so I figured nothing was going the way I wanted so I may as well do the last part pain free!  When the anesthesiologist walked in I declared, “the sugar daddy doctor is here!”  Getting the epidural was rough because I was having really strong contractions at this point, but within minutes I had become a different person.  It was such a relief and the things I was most concerned about weren’t a big deal.  I didn’t like the idea of not being able to move and I was totally freaked out about having a catheter (this was an irrational fear that I’ve had for years.)  I had total movement of my legs and could feel sensation, just no pain, and the catheter was nothing compared to what I’d already endured throughout the day.  Then I took a nap, my doctor told me she’d be back in 2 hours and I enjoyed this break!

She came in, checked me and guess what…I was a 5!  Yep my body went backwards and then I found out the saddest news of the day.  No matter what Ellery was not coming out without a c-section.  She was not in the right position.  She was sunny side up with her head tilted back and no matter what my doctor couldn’t change this, she tried.  With tears in her eyes my doctor broke the news that we had done EVERYTHING possible and we’d be doing a c-section as soon as everything was prepped.  How did I feel about this?  Relieved.  It had been such a long day with so many disappointments and all I wanted at this point was to meet our little girl and get her out before she got stressed out in there.  I was so proud of us at this point.  Our doctor told us we were an amazing birthing team and she said we couldn’t have done anything differently.  I had endured the longest and hardest day of my life and we came out of it a stronger team.  It really felt like the 3 of us did this together and we were bonded by it, I knew it had been a long day for Ellery too and I was looking forward to her being able to rest.

The c-section was scary.  I think I’ll choose not to write about this because I’d like to forget it.  I’ll say there was internal panic, pain, stress, a sleepiness like nothing I’ve experienced before and a sadness that I didn’t get to hold my baby or even really look at her because I was so out of it   The anesthesiologist asked what everyone thought the official weight was, I guessed 7 lbs 3 oz because that’s what Andrew and I both weighed.  Other people shouted out guesses and the official announcement was made that she was 7 lbs 4 oz 19 inches long.  When I saw Andrew holding Ellery I remember saying,” oh my goodness she is so precious.”  And then for the next 4 hours I would go in and out of sleep and beg them to let me nurse.  Unfortunately I couldn’t because our little one was having some breathing problems and I was so frustrated.  Finally before the 6 hour mark they let me nurse and I was totally content at this point, the events of the last 48 hours were no longer important.  I fell in love, hard!  I had no expectation of this, but Andrew and I became so smitten with our Ellery Wynn.

I have no regrets from the birth.  I was in no way destroyed by the c-section.  It didn’t derail me emotionally and I’ve been counting my blessings about the c-section.  Without modern medicine we would have been in BIG TROUBLE.  Death would have been a much larger potential for me and our sweetie and I’m so glad there was a way to keep us safe.  Recovery has been much easier than I expected.  All the things that happen to your nether regions with a natural birth didn’t happen to me so really it’s just an incision that needs to heal up and I’m almost to the point where I’m feeling normal.  The doctor says I should be healed up by the other side of this weekend and I believe it.

It’s not the story I wanted to write, but it’s the story that was written for us and in the end we had a very happy ending.  I love being a mom!



I have to add that on the other side of things, one of the greatest blessings for Laura and I was the team of medical professionals that we had supporting us. Laura’s OB/GYN as well as the labor/delivery nurses were each incredible in how they supported us. The OB/GYN and one of the nurses had both gone through c-sections themselves because of their babies’ positions in the womb, so they understood our frustration (one nurse actually had a longer laboring process than us before a c-section was necessary). They literally did everything they could. The whole night I kept thinking “I want someone to blame, but there is literally no one to blame; this is just the way it is, and we are so fortunate that God is using medicine to keep everyone safe.” After watching Laura go through the most pain I’ve ever seen anyone experience in my life, I had such incredible gratitude for her physicians and nurses. It really reminded me of how much people do for others, when so often we take that for granted.

She’s Here

July 23, 2012

And we are SO in love!! Ellery Wynn arrived July 21, 2012 at 2:41 AM via c-section after a very long failed induction. She weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 19 inches long. She had a couple issues breathing the first 6 hours, but soon cleared her lungs out and we were discharged Sunday evening with a clean bill of health. I’m doing pretty well all things considered. Last night I let my mom take night shift so Andrew and I could attempt to get some sleep. Nursing is going about as well as it could be, I’m ready for this milk to come in so I can better satisfy our little sweetie. Recovery from abdominal surgery and taking care of a newborn is a little rough, but I am absolutely loving being her mom and I feel much better than I expected. Thank you for your prayers, despite the rough delivery a lot of them were answered! I’ll write the birth story as soon as I can keep my eyes open long enough!! It’s a story of teamwork, exhaustion, pride, love and the most beautiful outcome possible. I don’t have any great pictures on my phone, but I am sure you are anxious to see her! Many more pictures to come.






Here We Go

July 19, 2012

In 6 hours we’ll be checked in and the ball will be rolling. Hard to believe the last nine months (well less than that I guess) will be ending this weekend. I haven’t enjoyed the last nine months, but I can almost guarantee you I would do it all over again if it meant I didn’t have to endure the labor, delivery, and physical aftermath of the birth. Part of me thinks that the reason I’m not dreading labor as much as I could be is because Andrew and I are looking at it as a way to “get me back.” I have very much not felt like myself at all since I got pregnant and we’re hoping that when I heal I’ll be back to having the personality I had prior to pregnancy. I’m less nervous than I thought I would be, but today I had a moment where I just had this overwhelming feeling of “oh my I don’t want to do this!”

As promised here is my prayer list: DISCLAIMER: I know that some of these are “impossible,” but I figure nothing is impossible with God so if I want to ask for it then I should. Wouldn’t it be cool if His Kingdom came down in my room for our birth? So please know that you don’t have to comment and tell me that it won’t happen, I’m not going in with unrealistic expectations, I’m just going in expecting that God is bigger than this obstacle so I might as well ask for what I really want, and then I will accept whatever happens in the end!

Please pray…

-That the pill that they administer through the night will work to get my labor going and Pitocin will not be necessary.

-That I will be able to relax through the contractions so I don’t hinder the progress and it will be less painful

-That Andrew will know just what I need and how to help me. I have no idea what I want him to do so it’s hard to prepare that, but I would love for him to have a knowing of what to do.

-That I can stay focused and take one contraction at a time. Panic is something that tends to take over my body when I’m in a painful or sick situation that I feel out of control of. So this one is really about rebuking panic for me.

-That I would not have a blood pressure issue. If my blood pressure is too high I have to have an IV medication that makes you sick to your stomach, this would really stink!

-That our precious little lady would do well during this whole ordeal, that her heart rate will stay where it needs to be and that she will turn and face my back when it’s time to come out…this has been one of my fears because my mom had two of us facing the wrong direction which made our entrance into the world a little more difficult.

-That I wouldn’t tear, yes I know most people tear, I had a dream the other night that I didn’t and it made all the difference in the recovery. I’m hoping that because she’ll be a little peanut I might not. Or really that God is just THAT good to me tomorrow!

-That I would be able to have as natural a birth as possible and while you’re praying for that you might as well pray that it’s painless. I heard from a friend that her midwife prayed for a painless birth and claims that she really did have one. Pray Big Right??

I’ll leave you with this last thought. Andrew and I have been talking about what birth would have been like before Eve decided she wanted everything. I’m thinking babies were perfectly healthy and ready to come out around 3 pounds. Morning sickness didn’t exist and pregnancy lasted about half as long. When it was time to deliver your baby your water broke to warn you the babe was coming, your body would painlessly dilate to 20 cm and then you would lay down, let out one little push about the size of a sneeze and your sweet little baby would be born. Then there would be no healing afterwards…thanks Eve!

Baby Posts Taking Over

July 18, 2012

Just for this week expect lots of posts about Ellery, labor, delivery, my feelings about it all, and also expect me to be missing a little bit!  I promise once this crazy stage of my life regulates a bit I’ll be back to my regular posting of random tidbits.

For those of you who aren’t my Facebook friends I am sorry I forgot to tell you I’m having a baby on Friday.  3 weeks early to the day so technically she’ll be full term.  Yesterday I had a doctor appointment and here is what we found out.  Ellery is doing great!  She is moving around a bunch, she is heads down, her heart beat is just how it should be.  My Doctor’s words were,”Your baby is doing great, it’s you I’m worried about, but she is ready to come out.”  Her weight estimate is 6lbs 10 oz.

Here’s how I’m doing:  Physically here are the stats so if you’re weirded out by knowing my progression you’ll just want to skip down a bit.  I’ve been having some contractions, no more than maybe 6 in an hour and they are the preterm contractions.  I am 80% effaced and 1.5 centimeters.  Not real thrilled about the 1.5 centimeters, but the 80% effaced is great news.  The Doctor says this is further along than most people who are at this point.  No idea what station I’m at, I’m guessing I’m not very far along in this department because I don’t feel like she is down in there and engaged at all.

Here’s how I’m doing emotionally:  surprisingly well.  I’m shocked at how calm I’m feeling about this.    I’ve reached the point where I’m just really excited for her to be here and I’m looking forward to being done with this pregnancy.  We went to our birth class last night and watched several different people have a natural birth on video.  This was pretty empowering because even though they were all in terrible pain, they were still all able to make it through and talked positively about their experience afterward.  I love that there is a plan, this makes me feel really positive, even though induction wasn’t my first choice it has been good for my mind to know when and how this is all going to begin.  Andrew and I were talking last night and we were both feeling relieved that we will not be going to the hospital with false alarms.  I’m also really glad I’m being induced so I can stop worrying about the symptoms of pre-eclampsia.  Like today I got a headache and then watched the clock knowing if it persisted too long I would have to go to the hospital.  When I have pains in my stomach I have to decide whether or not it’s the kind I’m supposed to go to the hospital for or just contractions, so far they have just been contractions.  I pretty much can’t imagine going weeks like this so I’m happy that it’s only another day.

And here is how we’re going to get this show on the road.  Tomorrow night we are going in at 10 PM to get the ball rolling.  They insert a pill in my nether regions every four hours throughout the night as I attempt to sleep while my body progresses to 4 centimeters and 100% effaced.  My doctor will come see me at 6 AM to see where I’m at and if labor hasn’t begun on it’s own I’ll be started on pitocin.  I’m REALLY hoping the pitocin will not be needed, according to my doctor I have a 50/50 chance and according to the nurse I will definitely need the pitocin, I’m hoping my doctor is correct!  My doctor’s best guess is I’ll have a baby by dinner time.  I made her promise me I will be leaving the hospital this weekend with a baby and she told me there was NO WAY we would not have this baby out because medically my body can’t handle this much longer.

Last night after the tour of the hospital I felt really good.  I got to ask all my questions and they were all answered in the way I was hoping, but wasn’t planning they would be as accommodating as I had hoped.  For example, they let you push in whatever position you feel comfortable in until the doctor comes in at the end.  They also leave you alone a lot which I was really hoping for.  The only bummer is that because of my condition I have to wear monitors that prevent me from moving more than 5 feet so walking is out for me.  She did say if the baby was looking great I might be able to labor in the shower for 15 minutes or so.  We’ll see what I feel like doing when I’m actually in excruciating pain.

This post has gotten much longer than I had planned.  Tomorrow I plan to post specific things for my prayer warrior friends to be lifting us up about.  Until then I’m running off to purchase the last minute things, finish the laundry, make all the lists for my mom for when she arrives on Friday and rechecking my hospital bag because I think I’m missing some stuff!  Tomorrow I’ll try to post a picture so you can see me on my last day of pregnancy.

Friday marked one month until my due date.  I have an appointment every Friday and this week I had some surprising news.  I had been feeling kind of crappy and felt especially terrible on Friday so when I went to my appointment I felt like I was going to burst into tears.  I got on the scale and was once again shocked by the number.  Up until one month ago I had the perfect weight gain going, and then suddenly when I should be “slowing down,” bam I gain 10 pounds in one month and can’t figure out what in the world I’m doing differently that I’m gaining that much!  It had been weeks since I’ve seen my actual doctor and I was tired of the other doctors not really understanding that something was off with me.  As soon as my doctor saw me she could tell something was off.  She gave my legs one look, touched them (leaving finger indentations on them), and started asking me questions that the answers were all yes to.  Headaches, yes.  Nausea, yes.  Elevated blood pressure, yes.  And whoa nelly a 10 pound weight gain in one month, she looked at me and said,” well I can tell that’s mostly water.”

And here is why I love my doctor…in a VERY calm manner she said, “how would you feel about having some blood work done today?”  Of course my answer was sure and then she informed me I’d be peeing in a jug for 24 hours as well.  Then she relatively non-chalantly said, “We might be having a baby next Friday.”  Her explanation was these signs are your bodies way of saying it’s done being pregnant and this baby needs to come out.  So tomorrow is the day, I’ll find out by 5:00 if we’ll be meeting our little sweet pea next weekend.

Here are the positive things about this:  My doctor is on call this whole weekend so she would deliver me and do the check up and discharge.  She is my favorite doctor I’ve ever had and I would love for her to be there with me.  The other upside is I would be getting rid of this water retention and blood pressure issue.  I know I’d be trading these things for other sickness, but I would at least be able to see the end in sight!  As much as I want my little sweetie to be safe and healthy it would be pretty awesome to meet her this weekend, it’s feeling pretty real now and we have mostly everything ready and I would have 4 days to finish up.  I’m a planner so it would be pretty amazing to know that Friday was the day!

There are a lot of negatives and I’m not going to get into those thoughts and I don’t need anyone to tell me all the negatives about being induced.  I have to accept the things I cannot change.  I trust my doctor so whatever she calls and tells me tomorrow will be the news I will have to accept.  I’ll let you know as soon as I do.  So I either have a week or a month with these:

Hidden Treasures

July 11, 2012

A few weeks ago Andrew and I cleaned out the nursery closet so it could be rebuilt.  There has been a tote on the top shelf since we moved in that I never bothered to open because Andrew had labeled the box Hummels and ornaments.  Clearly this would lead me to believe there were Hummels in there and I definitely wasn’t going to display them.  For some reason we decided to open the box and we unearthed some hidden treasures from my grandparent’s house.  When my parents had their estate sale they let us pick what we wanted and these are the things I chose.

This little gem is an antique dog clock. I would have it working except it ticks SO LOUD Andrew and I can’t stand it. So it just sits all cute next to our television. My brother was so mad that I ended up with this thing!

The neon yellow glass stand was used as a gum stand at some sort of mercantile shop, I’m in love with the color!! And the little blue hobnail bud vase is just one piece of many glass items my grandparents had around their house, they were collectors, there was a lot of glassware in their house!

My grandma had these cake stands before they were the “in thing” to have. They make me want to bake a cake just so I can use them!

My Grandparents used these in their bathroom and filled them with assorted soaps. I have NO IDEA what to put in them. They are on our dresser, any ideas??

… in the history of pregnancy that is hoping to have a baby after my due date.  I know I’m crazy!!  I also know that this might change the closer I get to August 10th.  I appreciated Emily’s blog post today that was basically the girlfriends guide to labor/delivery.  You might be asking yourself, why in the World would Laura want to have this baby post due date, especially because she lives in Texas??  Here is my attempt at explaining myself.

It’s not because I’ve loved being pregnant.  If you’ve been following me for any time you know that pregnancy has been kind of a struggle for me so you would think I would want this to be over ASAP. As soon as I got pregnant I immediately thought “oh my goodness I’m having this baby August 12th.”  I’m not saying that God came down and told me this, it really just felt like the 12th from the beginning.  There is nothing super special about the 12th, it’s just another day in my book.  I am however a planner and perhaps God gave me this little insight so that I don’t feel like I’m going to panic about when she is going to come.  Until this week I actually hadn’t even considered the possibility that she might come on a different day.  My mom has kept saying what if, what if, and that’s the only reason I’ve even thought that there is a chance that she could arrive unexpectedly.  Another reason I want her to come the 12th is because our birth classes that were scheduled in JUNE were moved to July and now have been moved again and will end on August 7th.  I want to go to all of these classes to feel as prepared as possible, her coming early would probably send me into a tizzy.  My mom arrives the 9th so it would be nice if she waited until her Mema gets here.

The 12th is just two days after my due date so really I wouldn’t be waiting that long.  Come the 13th, my sweet little girl will be getting an eviction notice, I’ll be drinking castor oil, and walking all day long.  Until them I’m relaxing, kicking up my GIGANTIC feet as much as possible and planning to meet our lady on the 12th.  You can call me crazy, but I wouldn’t say it to my face, pregnancy hormones are wicked!

-Why in the world am I wide awake at 5:00 AM??

– How many times did I get up to pee last night?  The answer must be a lot because I clogged the toilet with tissue from all my trips in the night (I don’t flush at night because I’d hate to wake the Mr)

-I hate that I feel like the Today show has the power to ruin my morning.  I grew up watching the Today show, can’t imagine not eating breakfast with it, but I unfortunately can’t stand Savannah.  I want to like her, I’m really happy for her that she got her dream job, but I haven’t liked her since she started doing the 9 o’clock slot.  Everytime I would catch her on the show I’d text my parents and ask why in the world she has that job?  I think NBC made a big mistake with their choice, but it really shouldn’t bother me as much as it does.  I wanted to try to change to Good Morning America, but that channel cuts in and out on our antennae.  So for now I’ll try to acclimate.  What a “first world problem,” what’s wrong with me?

– There are things in my refrigerator that will expire on or after my due date.  Wowzas, our little lady will be here soon.

– It’s raining and is supposed to continue all week and it’s not supposed to hit 100 this week either.  This is good news for a very pregnant woman!

– I think it’s so odd that the news people in Austin call the 100 degrees the century mark.  They say cheesy dumb things like, “it looks like we may be hitting the century mark today.”  Uh ok, why not call it triple digits or just 100 degrees?

-My last thought on this Monday morning: when can I squeeze in a nap??