Third Trimester Bliss

June 15, 2012

No this is not a sarcastic title, surprisingly.  My doctor walked in last week and asked me how miserable I was, if I had hit the third trimester wall yet?  She was shocked by my response.  I told her no, actually the third trimester has been my favorite.  I don’t know if it’s knowing that I’m close to being done with this or what, but I have felt really good so far this trimester.  Today marks 32 weeks, only 2 months to go, and maybe somehow this just makes me feel better and puts me in a good mood, I dunno.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of trimesters 1 & 2: nausea, insomnia, depression, lots of up in the night potty breaks, achy hips, hurting back, mood swings, lots of tears, and crazy hormone surges including one INSANE hot flash!  Trimester 3 the only pregnancy issues I have are night sweats and getting up once per night to use the potty.  Well and the first two hours of the day are miserable.  I said this to my mom and I think she may have given me the solution to that problem.  Due to the night sweats I’m probably waking up super dehydrated so I’m starting a new regimen and when I get up my one time a night I’m going to drink a glass of water and see if this helps.

Things I’m enjoying this month.  Hypnobabies:  not sure if I’ll have a painless childbirth, but I think it will really be helpful.  It is so relaxing and it even just helps if I’m having a stressful day.  Elle seems to love when I do the hypnobabies too, they make her really active, so I can tell that she can at least sense how relaxed I become.  What I love most about the program is how positively they talk about birth and how empowering it is.  It’s truly amazing how negative people are when you tell them you plan to have a natural birth.  The amount of people who have actually said you can’t have a baby without an epidural is laughable…clearly women have been having babies naturally since Eve!  I don’t have tons of positive natural birth people in my life, so I really appreciate these audios.  Cereal, can’t get enough of it, all different kinds too, but especially fruit loops!  Books: I don’t know how people did this whole birth and parenting thing without books, they have given me lots of encouragement.  I’ll eventually share what books I like and why I like them, but that’s for another post!  I leave you with my picture from last Sunday.  So I was in my 31st week at the time of this picture and if you are my facebook friend you’ve already seen it.


2 Responses to “Third Trimester Bliss”

  1. Yay Hypnobabies! I feel the exact same way about it. I’ve been so much more emotionally stable since I started it. That in itself alone has been sooo worth it for me! I’m glad you are enjoying it too!
    And even though I haven’t done labor with it yet, I did have a bout of emotional false labor (Didn’t know I had an infection that gave me contractions) and I listened to some of the tracks through that, and it really did keep me together. So I know they will be helpful in the real deal.

    I’m glad third trimester is treating you so well! You look great!

  2. Cindy Campbell said

    Hey Laura,
    Great picture! Keep up the great work!!

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