Some Baby Stuff

June 5, 2012

When we decided to name our baby girl Ellery we both agreed that we liked the nickname Elle (pronounced like the letter L), but we figured for the most part we’d call her Ellery. We were wrong. We refer to her almost exclusively as Elle. When she is born I’m going to try to call her Ellery as much as possible because I think it’s such a pretty name. We’ll see what happens.

It’s crazy how a being who I haven’t even met yet has changed me already. Mostly small things so far, mainly my desire to buy anything for myself. My mom has asked me numerous times if I need more maternity clothes and my response is always the same, “if you are going to spend money, buy Ellery clothes”. I’ve spent my clothing budget on her pretty much every month.

People ask me everyday how I’m feeling and I haven’t really minded it yet. I can see it getting old over the next 10 weeks or so, but a mom from my shower reminded me to cherish the question because soon no one will be asking about me, it’ll be “how is Ellery doing” instead. I can’t believe how much I dislike the attention. I used to love to be the center of attention and if people looked at me in a public place I had the self esteem to tell myself that they probably liked my outfit or something. Airports are the worst, tons of strangers staring and whispering about you. I assume they are speculating whether or not they think I’ll deliver on the plane! Then there is the airplane itself, oh those seat belts, I told myself on every flight that a child had to have been sitting in the seat before me and that’s why I had to loosen it so much.

Ellery is really exploring her home in there. This week she started hurting me. Kicks in the hip bones mostly, luckily she can’t reach my ribs yet, I can imagine what it feels like. Andrew laid his arm on her last night and she showed her disapproval by kicking him repeatedly until he moved. As much as kicking hurts or is uncomfortable it is really comforting to have a babe that moves and kicks a lot.

Somehow my sleep hasn’t gotten any worse and I only get up once in the night to use the bathroom. I started using the belly wedge last night, I find it uncomfortable, but I’m convinced that my stretch marks are from me not using it and letting my belly hang all night because I only have them on one side. I could be wrong, but it’s worth a shot, the oils and lotions have failed me!

Are you ready? I get that question a lot. My response is always, can I be ready? I don’t know really, I have nearly all the essentials, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready. I’m about to start the most important job of my life. Not only that, but it’s a job you can’t quit, in less than 10 weeks I will be a mother for the rest of my life! How do you prepare for that really?

I leave you with some picture of some cute baby clothes from this weekend:







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